Hunter X Hunter Event 24 – VS 王!


Happy New Year Hunters!! This week’s event looks damn awesome! We finally got the chance to fight with Meruem, The most powerful creature in HXH.


This week’s event introduces an all new difficulty level; <厄災級> (disaster mode?) . As it is new, it only requires 15 AP to enter. Players will stand a chance to get another version of Meruem in the event.




This week’s special gacha, players can stand a chance to get the all new Netero and another version of Meruem. Sleepyhead included 😛

kongbakpao_hxh_event24_char1 kongbakpao_hxh_event24_char4



Event 3

From now till the 2nd of Jan 2015, every character you get from premium Gacha will be maxed level. Also, Netero and Meruem’s drop rate will be increased during this period. This is a great opportunity to throw in your $$ 😛


  1. geez after spend a lot of money im still not have netero just garbage like kuroro and pakunoda, really a lot of these though i managed to get some good gachas like a bunch of silva and zeno as well as Palm quimera ant but no netero!!!

    also after doing the 40 a few times could get the new normal material and the 4* tank meruem

    just four more to go

    • I guess we can’t all have great drop, even if it’s the best opportunity to spend money.

      Yesterday I have never been so lucky in this game, like some of you I spend a lot of money and what I got is just amazing.

      2x Netero 4*
      3x Meruem 2*
      1x Meruem 4*
      1x Zeno 5* (I have already one with all abilities but it’s nice to get another one)

      I tried to get Killua but everything has a end even lucky, I had 3-4 interesting gacha but not Killua.

      About the event I got 2x 4* new materials but not tank Meruem yet.

    • Yes that’s the last hard mission for now. To level up a skill you can either use the same gacha to gain a ability and level up the skill. The other way is using robots of the same element but this depends on luck mostly.

  2. One more questions ..

    What stage do i need to gain more Rank EXP?
    And how to use all lvl 80 character i use only 4 and one is lvl 60 .

    • The best way to level up is to play the events at a high difficulty. To level up characters you can play the events or use robots(the blue gacha roulette drops robots for a period of time)

  3. Finally after 72hours playing i got King Meruem 3 * pouf 3* youpi 3*

    i got this on event 10 energy keep playing guys ..

    Time to lvl up this shit man .. 🙂 happy now !

  4. Kastro any luck getting the weekly jump from your friend? Could he also get a copy for me? I can send the payment through paypal. I tried various sites to import a physical copy but the cost for shipping is way too high.

  5. Well finally i get the last Meruem, now have all it abilities seems like is a good one for the tower, also get 3 x 4* normal material and 1 blind girl

    Still left 2 days i hope to get more material

    • Which difficult? I was playing superclass (not the hardest) everytime during this weekend and ended with 4x neutral material 4*, 5x specialist material 4*, 6x enhancer material 4*, 3x control material 4*, and 5x Komugis 4*. Shame that I don’t have any Meruem…. I’ve looked over internet if there was any old code or something for get one, but I had no luck. I can’t expend a single € more, because after have spent almost 380€ on try get Killua Shippujinrai, now I have only 8€ inside the bank…. All my money received from christmas were lost in this game…. lol….

      • I also got enough Youpis and Shauapoufs for maximize each of them. I have maximized too two event Meruems, all the Neferpitous (like 8 of it) was given to orbs because I had one maximized before this event. I’m saving an extra Youpi, Meruem and Neferpitou just in the case that they repeat the event giving to all these characters a 5* evolution, which they will likely do it someday, because the Shauapouf illustration of the login screen is different than the 4* one, also there is a number card left between them.

        My account rank is 132, using all the energy during the weekend I could recharge the energy again just by waiting two hours. My team was 5* Gon No ability/5* Kurapika MAX with extreme Bisuke (no ability), extreme Shizuku (ability 3) with 5* Neferpitou MAX, and extreme Kurtopi MAX supporting Neteros, sometimes changing Kurtopi for Bisuke and supporting with her 4* Meruems. With this team, the superclass mission is really easy, I can’t say the same with disaster difficult… Anyways, I haven’t need to do that difficult for get all the materials and royal guards, my inventory is filled with them, lol.

        If you want, you can add me, I’m using 5* Kurapika Scarlet Eyes MAX as leader. ID is 121.799.553. Tell me your ID, otherwise I won’t accept you, because right now I reject everyone except Neteros and Meruems. If there you are called Zzigg you don’t need to tell me your ID 😛 I will accept you regardless of the leader that you are using, just be sure to give me your ID if you are not called Zzigg, so I won’t reject/delete you by accident.

        • Hwy there i already send you the invitation Lumen, but what i mean was this week tank Meruem not the fighter one

          It would be awesome to have at least 1 fighter Meruem, they should do the twitter promo again 🙁

  6. I tried two times to get Meruem or Netero but with no luck, I’ve spent up to 380€ on try get Killua Shippujinrai with no success…

    Now I have almost every ryodan member maximized.

    I don’t exactly remember what I got, but so far was:

    5x Nobunaga 3*, 1x Nobunaga 4*, 5x Shizuku, 6x Uvogin 3*, 4x Phinks 3*, 3x Kuroro 3*, 1x Kuroro 4*, 4x Killua Gentle Brother 3*, 1x Killua Gentle Brother 4*, 3x Killua NGL 3*, 1x Killua NGL 4*, 5x Knuckle 3*. 5x Knuckle 4*, 7x Gon supertank 3*, 2x Gon supertank 4*, 3x Gon dodgeball 3*, 3x Palm 3*, 2x 3* Kite, 1x 5* Kite, 4x 3* Kurapika Scarlet eyes, 1x 5* Kurapika Scarlet eyes (now is MAX :D), 3x Neferpitou 3*, 1x Neferpitou 4*, 1x Neferpitou 5*, 1x Silva 3*, 1x Silva 5*, 2x Zeno 3*, 3x Shoot, 3x Special Shalnark, 2x Special Feitang, 4x Wing 3*, 1x Wing 4* (I haven’t a single one before, and in the same day I could maximize him :D), lotta of Pakunodas, gave all Pakunodas to orbs because is the most useless ryodan in my opinion, 4x Kastro 3*, 2x Kastro doppelganger, 3x Bisuke Machoman 3*, 4x Bisuke treasure hunter 3*, more characters I don’t remember….

    TL;DR: Got every character from the gacha except Killua Shippujinrai, special Shizuku, special Phinks and special bonolenov -_- I’m totally sure that the gacha rates are truncated, yes there is gambling but seeing how many times I got repeated character, is kinda obvious, isn’t it? Otherwise I would have got at least one Killua Shippujinrai 4* or 5*.

    I was really depressed, but when I started doing extreme evolutions and so, it ended being a pretty good account, however, I still miss Killua Shippujinrai T_T KILLUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHY YOU DO NOT WANT COME WITH ME!!!!

    • Feed it with 5 identical characters (same tipe and star level) at the same time. (they don’t need to be at max lvl, maybe with all the characters at lvl 30, or less, you should be able to reach the max level of the yellow orb)


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