Hunter X Hunter Event 42 – VS Biscuit


This week, we have 2 brand new events for Hunter X Hunter and will definitely keep you guys busy. Read on to find out more!

Event One – VS Biscuit 



For this new event, there will be 5 different difficulties. Complete any one of the difficulty level and stand a chance to acquire the new Biscuit card. Also, you will be able to evolve this new card into 5*!

kbp_hxhevent42_game1 kbp_hxhevent42_game2


Event 2 – Gacha



The following Cards will have an increase drop rate in the Premium Gacha

kbp_hxhevent42_game3 kbp_hxhevent42_game4 kbp_hxhevent42_game5


Event 3 – VS Hisoka

There’s a new challenge mode available and players will stand a chance to get this brand new Hisoka card. Note: you need 50 stamina to challenge this event



Event 4 

The following cards will have a new mega evolve form.

kbp_hxhevent42_game7 kbp_hxhevent42_game8

kbp_hxhevent42_game9 kbp_hxhevent42_game10



  1. Since the new chat system doesn’t work here, I need to post this:
    NEVER AGAIN I want to do that Hisoka event. NEVER.

    Finally managed to get mine to max abilities, and if I might say so myself, it’s really horrible to finally beat that mission and get no drop. One simple mistake, and you lose. Sometimes, you think your position is flawless, and your Kortopi gets stunned/thrown miles away.

    Then, on the last map, if you lose track of Hisoka’s action bar one single moment, your Kortopi gets debuffed and it’s gg all over again. AGHHH.

    • Yeah, get no drop is the worst thing that can happen after all the difficulties overcome to beat Hisoka.

      I managed to get two Hisoka max because this is really a good gacha (like Shalnark but with all abilities).

      The event is difficult but this is the first time that we can drop a gacha which could be easily a premium gacha.

      • To be fair, you did the right thing. I should’ve done the same, but it took me a long time to finally get a strategy that I could use to beat that event most of the time. Still, one single error, and the battle was over.

        After a few of my friends started using Hisoka as their leaders, I’ve managed to beat it consistently, at least got one max.

        Now this week seems boring. lol


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