Hunter X Hunter Event 43 – VS Hanzo


A brand new Event and a new Zodiac challenge is available this week for you Hunters to conquer! Read on to find out more!

Event One VS Honzo



A brand new event with 5 difficulties is available for hunters to conquer. Win any of the difficulties and stand a chance to acquire this 4* Honzo card!



Event 2 – Premium Gacha

The following new cards are added to the premium Gacha and have their drop rates increased!

kbp_hunterxhunter_event43_char2 kbp_hunterxhunter_event43_char3

kbp_hunterxhunter_event43_char4 kbp_hunterxhunter_event43_char5


Event 3 – Zodiac Challenge



Take on Saccho in this brand new Zodiac challenge. Remember, you cannot use gems to revive in this challenge. Complete all 7 levels and acquire the Saccho Card. There’s also a special reward for completing these task (can only redeem once):

Map 4: Deal a single 18000 damage attack once.
Map 5: Pass the stage without using any skills
Map 6: Complete the stage within 60 secs




  1. You can easily clear map 5 with 5* Hisoka. Just use his special in map 4 at the end and you can still get the challenge. The first time i managed to get to map 6 with ease but the poison and knockback were to much for my team so i would advise using Uvo+young Netero for tanking those hits.

    • I’ve actually went all the way thru, and beat the challenge, on the first try, using a team of Event Hisoka Max Abilities with Wizard Palm, Machi + Wizard Shalnark, Ging + Friend Event Hisoka. The only extra challenge I couldn’t get was the map 4 one, that needed 18k damage on a single hit. But got it on the next try, and now I won’t worry about this challenge for a long time. Beaten map 6 with 3 seconds before the end of the time, too. lol


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