Hunter X Hunter Event 48


Finally, a new event for Hunter X Hunter this with! Lot’s of cards will also get a new mega evolve path. Read on to find out more!

Event One – VS Nabunaga & Machi



I believe this is a new event? Hunters will choose and challenge between 5 different difficulty levels for a chance to win a Nabunaga or Machi card.

kbp_hxh_event48_char1 kbp_hxh_event48_char2


Event 2 – Nen



A rehash event for hunters to get the 5* Hisoka Card.



Event 3 – Premium Gacha


The following cards will have an increase drop rate in the Gacha Machine:

kbp_hxh_event48_char4 kbp_hxh_event48_char5

kbp_hxh_event48_char6 kbp_hxh_event48_char7


Event 4 – Anniversary Gacha



Players will be guaranteed a 4* Card in the Anniversary Gacha Machine. A new Killua card was added



Event 5 – New Mega Evolve

The following characters will have a new mega evolve route. Coincidentally, many of them are man-in-black!

kbp_hxh_event48_char9 kbp_hxh_event48_char14

kbp_hxh_event48_char13 kbp_hxh_event48_char12

kbp_hxh_event48_char11 kbp_hxh_event48_char10


    • Hi Yuri 😉

      Map 1 : clear the map 1 within character change twice
      Map 2 : clear the map 2 without using the skills
      Map 3 : clear the map 3 without be paralyzed by the enemy
      Map 4 : clear the map 4 without change character
      Map 5 : clear the map 5 within 80 seconds
      Map 6 : clear the map 6 without taking item
      Map 7 : clear the map 7 without using the skills against Ginta (zodiac)

  1. how to get my old account ? can you please help me guys .. i lost my old account because of SD card corrupted .. help please 🙁

    • You can get your old account if you have already your account transfer code. That you can get only in game (green menu). Otherwise there is no way.

  2. Is it just me or has kongbakpao decided to stop posting about hxh events cos i cant find the ones after this

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