Hunter X Hunter Event : Dodge those balls / Sky Arena Prize (TBC)


It’s Mr Dodgeball for this week’s Hunter x Hunter event and players will stand a chance to win a 3* Razor card.

This week, players will choose from 4 different difficulties and stand a chance to win a Razor card. Also, players can get the evolve material card for Emitters from the hard mode, while onΒ the very hard and extreme mode, players will have the chance to acquire the material card for Enhancer, Manipulator, Emitter and None.

kongbakpao_hxh_event15_char2 kongbakpao_hxh_event15_char1

This week’s special Gacha, we have another version of Gon which I personally like the art-style a lot.

kongbakpao_hxh_event15_char3 kongbakpao_hxh_event15_char4


Lastly, for the first time, they’re releasing a 2* Goreinu from the Friendship Gacha, which can be upgraded into a 4* card.




Sky Arena

Alright guys, the sky arena has ended. Please remember to post your SS on the post here. Closing date will be tomorrow (when I get back home from work, which is about 19~20 hours from now). Currently, our dear Mr Kastro is leading the table.

Currently, the pool from adverts on that page is $6.74, you guys have about a day more to pump it up!

Note: I’ll give away the itunes/google play card that has the nearest denominator that can be found on shop (eg. 1500yen/batch for google or 500 yen/batch for itunes), whatever amount that’s left over will be carried over to Sky Arena 3. I intend to keep this up as long as you guys are still enjoying the game πŸ™‚

Dodge those balls people!

PS: sorry I can’t find the banner for this week’s event.


  1. Man this one is hard i could win using one gem, and all i got was the fat guy, if just my Genthru have his last ability i could win the event much easier

    Also Goreinu doesn’t have any boost in the event, is a worthy gacha? i mean to spend all my gems in him

  2. Hey now we can buy the material needed for 5* gachas and actually is pretty cheap, but now i wonder what use are gonna have the blue gems

    @bradi hey you ar least must try using a online traductor

  3. Oh, how disappointed I was… I had exactly 5 gems, and decided to try once the special gacha with Kurapika, Knov and Morau. And guess what? Special 4* animation came. There I was, expecting to see a 4* Morau, or Knov, or even another Kurapika. And then, I got Nobunaga. -_-

  4. Little off topic here, but does anyone know if its still possible to get Meruem now, if you miss the twitter event previously. I want him so bad

  5. Hey, big updating incoming tomorrow. 3* Kite is getting an extreme evolution. Too bad no one would have kept a 3* Kite laying around waiting for it.

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