Hunter X Hunter Event : Vacuum Cleaner


One of my favorite Phantom Troupe character, the vacuum cleaner girl; Shizuku is out on Premium Gacha this week! This week’s event is kinda weird as they are mixing Phantom Troupe with the Chimera Ant.


I have no idea how are the Phantom Troupe members link to the chimera ants (probably they ran out of event ideas) but who cares if there are new cards to collect! There are 4 different difficulties in this week’s event and players will stand a chance to win a …… okay, to be honest.. I really have no idea who this guy is thus I’m just gonna post his picture here 😛

kongbakpao_hxh_event20_game1 kongbakpao_hxh_event20_game2



This week’s premium Gacha, we have lots of 4* characters to collect and my favourite will definitely be the vacuum cleaner girl! Good luck people on your gachas!

kongbakpao_hxh_event20_game3 kongbakpao_hxh_event20_game4

kongbakpao_hxh_event20_game5 kongbakpao_hxh_event20_game6

kongbakpao_hxh_event20_game7 kongbakpao_hxh_event20_game8


kongbakpao_hxh_event20_game10 kongbakpao_hxh_event20_game11


  1. Zazan is supposed to be a female chimera, just that when gets angry changes it aspect,

    About the Ryodan they’re the one that defeat Zazan and the squadron

    Man i already did the 30 stamina 5 times and just get 1 robot!!!!! nothing more

  2. Yeah, in one point of the story, after the Chimera Ants Queen died, a lot of Chimera Ants tried to run away to different places and decided to try and become new Queens/Kings.

    Zazan was one of them. She settled in Meteor Town (or something like that), the place where most of the Ryodan came from. So, they were called to clean the place up, and those gashas of them look REAL nice. Shalnark, Sphinx and Shizuku, specially.

  3. I am disappointed, I thought like Kira that we can get them by ultimate evolution. Shalnark seems really interesting.

    For now I have 4* Zazan (all form) with all abilities, and 1x 4* enhancers material.

    I’m done with this event, I’m waiting for the next event.

  4. Well, I had gems that I didn’t spend on the previous event, and 10 that I won by being 5k-10k in arena, so I decided to gacha, and yesterday was a good day as one can get. Got 3 4* gachas from summon, and they were also good. The first one was the new, premium, Feitan.

    Then, I got a 4* Karuto, that I’ll save to use as ability material for the last ability for my Karuto, and also got another 4* that I’ve used as training material for another character whose name I can never remember. lol

  5. Is there a card that increases attack damage and speed of the new feitan? Similar to the chrollo from this last heavens arena rewards.


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