Hunter x Hunter Event – VS the double Fs! (Franklin and Feitan)


After a weeks break, a new event is back with new characters to collect!



This week, players will have to defeat the double Fs (I like how this sounds); Franklin and Feitan.

kbp_hxh_event7_char2 kbp_hxh_event7_char1



This week’s gacha is kinda ….. okay I’m speechless. Female Kurapika



  1. This one is hard, what is a good strategy? use two healers? i have 3* Leorio and Machi, and i can us them along with HA Hisoka but i cant beat Shizuku 🙁

    • I can say you what I do, it works perfectly for me and most players.

      I use two healers (Leorio 3* and Leorio *2 if you have Machi it’s better) associated with gacha who can speed them. One support ( I use Knov or Kite but if you haven’t these gacha you can use your best support) associated with Shalnark to hit more opponents at the same time.

      About Shizuku place your support in front her and healers behind the support.
      When your are in the final stage don’t move your gachas, leave them in their original position. But you must have your gachas in this order : in the middle your support and one healer on each side of the support.

      I hope this help you, sorry for my english this is not my native language.

      • Dude, this thing worked as a charm. I’ll come back later to say how it went on hardest setting, not enough stamina right now.

        Anyway, which gachas do you recommend to speed up Leorio/Machi? I’ve used a Friend’s Pitou for Machi, but I don’t have a Pitou myself, so… any tips are really accepted. Thanks for the guide, tho.

        • I don’t know many gacha who can speed up healers, speed up +3 is perfect but +2 that’s enough.

          Pitou as you say (I use her too from friends) [+3]

          Genthru *4 (for all gacha) with a condition your healer must not lose his life under 90% [+3]

          Ging *4 (for all gacha) [+2]

          Zeno *4 (for all gacha) [+2]

          Biske *3 (melee) also maybe *2 , the small one (not the original form) [+2]

          I think Feitan (support) speed up too for all gacha [+2]

          It’s all gacha that i know who can speed up healers, maybe i forget some gacha.

          • Damn. Thanks man, this is a really well made list. Too bad that I have 3 of those as 3* only (Genthru, Ging and Zeno) and couldn’t get the materials to evolve them any further. The only other one I have is Feitan, I’ll test him out with my healer.

            Thank you again.

          • Just as update: the guide worked. It was a really, really slow fight, tho. Took me about 10 minutes on the last stage alone, having to stun Feitan, then heal Shalnark from time to time with Machi’s ult. Well, I got a gem, so still nice. The problem is that I don’t think I can handle all this work again. lol

          • I can understand what you feel lol But at least you win !

            About stun I target Franklin (tank) and not Feitan because he stuns your support quickly. There is no secret, with strong gacha you’ll end more faster. Otherwise I think it is worthwhile to repeat all this work, if you want to evolve conjurers nen type to 4*.

            I did this event six times and I won 3 conjurers awakened material ( to evolve in 4*) Now I have Genthru 4* and Korutopi 4*. I know you have Genthru 3* and this event is your best chance to have him in 4* soon.

            I encourage you to continue now that you know how to win. You’re welcome, happy to share some information on this game.

          • Well, to be fair, the first time I won, I did need to revive once. But since I would get 1 gem back from winning, it was worth it.

            Now, I really can’t get past stage 3 without a revive. The crap ton of monsters that appear can burn down my healers in three attacks, and I can’t kill them in 3 attacks. =/

  2. I have done the hard mode (30 stamina) for more than 12 times now. Not a single conjurer awakened material drop. Is it just bad luck or am i missing something?


  3. Also, did anyone notice that the Franklin card is selling at Bisket Gem Shop? Do anyone think it’s worth the price? Because I’m at 5 silver jewels right now, and I’m thinking about buying the materials for evolution, since I can’t seem to get them on the mission anyway.


    • If you need a strong 3* tank and for collection why not.

      But honestly I think it’s expensive for what it is, even if it’s good tank.

      Personally, I save jewels only for buying materials.

      I know it’s easy to say that but don’t give up the event to obtain conjurers materials. As the event is not over, you can still obtain material.

    • Personally i dont think its worth it, as its only a 2* franklin. I rather using the jewels to purchase awaken mats.

      Unless Franklin has a 1 shot special move that im not aware of 🙂

      • Thanks for the tips, I’ll be saving the jewels for awakening materials then. Also, I’m playing forever, since the release, basically, and just last week I finally managed to get a Ging. Today I’ve saved 5 gems again, another Gacha, and got another Ging.

        I think I might just evolve it to 3* and then feed to my other Ging, for the extra HP.

  4. @Kastro that strategy actually works though it will be better if i have a support like Knov or Kite; i could win using one gem but again i dont win get some good stuff, seems like i have to skip this event it just to hard; but thanks for all those tips

    PD: next event will be Uvogin again, right?

    • Well, at first I thought it was impossible to win without using revives, but after the second try, I was able to, and it got easier each time, since I know exactly where the enemies will appear, and the limitation of my chars. I’d keep trying if I were you.

      • Could you post the team you use? my best supporter is 3*pakunoda and i use her along with my two 3* Leorios but still cant win the event without a gem 🙁

        • I’m pretty much using the team Kastro suggested.
          On the left, it’s Machi, with Feitan as support (+1 heal speed).

          On the Middle, it’s Shalnark with Kaluto as support (+2 range for Shalnark).

          On the Right, I have Leorio, and I use the best support I can get from friends (normally I aim for Pitou, that gives +3 attack speed for Leorio, or Ging, that gives +2).

          The hardest stage is the 3rd. I have to move Machi as soon as possible to the right (I also switch her with Feitan on the beginning of the stage, so that Feitan takes the damage, and not her. I do the same with Leorio there). As soon as the enemies appear, I stun the yellow slime with Shalnark, and swap my healers back and start healing Shalnark. If things get ugly, I use the ultimate of Machi to heal Shalnark back to 100%, and then everything works nice.

          I hope this helps. Still, no Material was found.

  5. Ok, so I guess the mission ends today. I must’ve played this thing on hard at least 20 times, and I got a grand total of 1 Material. I also got 5 silver jewels for Bisket Jewel Shop, so I still can’t buy a single material. I also guess that we couldn’t get Feitan by doing the mission, right?

    Anyway, thanks to Kastro for letting us know of this strategy, I hope next mission we also get to read a guide like this. 8D

    • There is still one day left, maybe you can try some few times again, till you get Feitan, with the awesome team of gachas that you have, you just have to wait to attack it really hard almost at the end.

      (sorry i suck at english but you get the idea)

    • Im on the same boat as you. I have done hard mode 29 times, ive got 6 silver jewels and 3 awakened mats. No Feitan or Franklin dropped so far.

      • Wow, 3 awakened materials! I’m so jealous. I got 1, and that’s it. lol

        Anyway, do anyone knows when the arena will be back? I want to get it from the beginning this time. =/

    • @YuriHyuga : You’re welcome.

      I think in this event we can’t have gacha, we must buy them. Franklin in Biscuit shop and Feitan is premium gacha as kira says.

  6. On this event I played between 22-25 times, I won 11 silver jewels and 5 awakened materials. I know it’s more than the average if I compare with you and wonder if maybe it’s depending of succeed this event easily.

    I’m not sure at all of what I say, I’m maybe just very lucky but I don’t think that is the reason. My friend plays also at this game and on 20 times he won 7 silver jewels and 4 awakened materials. Like me he did this event rather easily.

    I don’t know what do you think about this “theory”, if anyone can confirm or refute my comment he’s welcome.

    • Well, albeit it took me 10 minutes per run, in the end I could do it pretty easily also, with your strategy. Never getting the HP on red, but I also didn’t get the 30% bonus (the middle one was never completed, and I don’t know why, but I always got 10% bonus exp/money and the last one also, since I made sure to finish the battle with my special).

      Well, there are gachas with 40% extra chance of getting a drop (Ging with 3rd ability evolved, and Pitou also), but I don’t know if this has anything to do with your extra drops. I do know that I got really frustrated, because after probably 30 runs, I got only 1 awakening material, and I have Genthru and Kortopi to awaken. =/

  7. Well i complete this fairly easy too. I havent really time it. But im sure its in less than 5 mins. So far 35 tries, still 6 silver jewels and 3 awaken material.

    Although i dont really need conjurers awakened material anymore unless i can get female kurapika. Wish they can let us trade the awaken mats to a different one. Would love to evolve my Zeno to 4*

    • Wow, nice. From those, I have Genthru and Kortopi only. I wish I had luck in this game’s gacha. The only good thing I ever got from gachas was the Scarlet eyes Kurapika. He’s my only 4* till now, let’s hope I can fix that during the next event, and turn my Kurapika in a 5*.

    • Indeed, after reading your comments my theory does not really make sense lol

      I wish for you guys more luck on the next event.

      brady you have a great team, like you I don’t need anymore conjurers materials. I evolved all my conjurers and I have 3 conjurers awakened materials in stock (maybe for a next conjurer 4*). About female Kurapika I don’t understand why this gacha is so outclassed (scarlet eyes Kurapika it have been more logical…even if this gacha appeared before).

      YuriHyuga so you can have Kurapika 5* nice ! I can’t imagine his attack associated with Kortopi 4*. I wonder why they put a 5* gacha before to make more 4* ( I think especially to Phantom troupe)

      The gacha that I want the most is Pitou and Silva, many players have them but for me it seems to be “impossible” xD And for you guys ?

      • Well, after playing since release, I got a Ging last week. The other that was fleeing from me, that I really wanted, was Zeno.

        Now, I’m also missing Silva, Kite, Morau, Knov and Pitou. I got a Razor, after a few weeks. Then I got another, and another.

        What I’m really waiting for is a 3* evolution for Meruem, and maybe even a 4*. He is a great character in the mangá/anime, and really underpowered here.

  8. Yeah, I noticed that the event is REALLY hard. I tried it with two Kurapikas, and couldn’t even get past the 3rd stage. lol

    Too much damage, I’ll have to try with two healers + Kurapika (with Kortopi support, maybe?)

    Also, as for the material, I hope I can get them during this event, since a 5* Kurapika has 2 support skills. Too strong.


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