King Launches First RPG Title – Legend of Solgard


King has announced the launch of their very first midcore title, Legend of Solgard. Players can now download the game on your local App or Play Store.

Legend of Solgard is a match-3 puzzle game with RPG elements. Although this is King’s first take on a midcore, RPG genre, the game itself still retains some of King’s trademark match-3 gameplay with vibrant colored artstyle.

The game combines the thrill of puzzle combat with the collection of original characters from a world rich with Norse Mythology. Collection of new characters are similar to current shard game trends. You can find character shards by playing the game or opening chest.

If you need a new puzzle game in your life with a little mythical lore in it, give Legend of Solgard a try!



Android Link
iOS Link


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