King’s Raid Adds 3 New Heroes and A Mileage Shop


Glohow has announced some new exciting content for their latest mobile game, King’s Raid.

3 new Heroes were introduced to the game; Leo, Fluss and Luna. 

Leo, the Eternal Scribe: Leo is a cute little priest with an epic skill set for both PVE and PVP. He can decrease enemy’s defense with his first skill, while healing all allies for a large amount with his second. His healing passive skill has also makes him a powerful support. His most unique skill is his “Rune of Silence” which can clear beneficial buffs from all enemies and silence them for 3 seconds.

Fluss, The Fluttering Blade: Fluss is an assassin that attacks his target with swift speed skill combos against the opponent’s damage dealers. His health pool may be small, but in exchange, he can warp to the hero with the highest attack and burst them down with his strong combo skills. He is especially good magical damage dealers, thanks to his skill that grants him 100% magical dodge chance upon getting hit with magical damage once, allowing him to survive longer than others of his class.

Luna, The Child of Moonlight : Luna is a little adorable archer with high magical damage. She has an ability to knock down the back line attacker easily, alongside other skills that help her target the enemy back line. Additionally, she has a skill to decrease the critical chance of enemies, making her very useful against damage dealers with high critical damage in the Arena.

A new in-game currency called Mileage allows players to purchase T10 unique weapons, with the exception of newly released hero unique weapons, by using 4,000 mileage points. Mileage points are accumulated by purchasing rubies and heroes at the special shop menu.

There are also other quality of life updates in the game such as the Auto Repeat System, EXP Flask and Speed boost system. For more detailed information on the update, do remember to check out the Official Facebook Page.


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