Knight Slinger – New Update, New Warriors


Gamevil has announced a series of updates for their recent released mobile game, Knight Slinger. The update includes an all-new game mode “Shadow Tower,” four new warriors, and a sizable amount of other improvements and additions to build upon the initial feverish success of Knight Slinger‘s global launch.

All-New Shadow Tower: Venture into the perilous new Shadow Tower and use your team’s cunning to defeat menacing enemies! Successful adventurers will receive Soulstones, which can be used to recruit special warriors. The new mode will be unlockable once reaching Adventurer level 30.

New Warriors Enlist: Gayle, Hendel, Tory and Albert join the Knights of Lights’ cause. Don’t let their trendy hairstyles and strange helmets fool you; they pack a mean punch! For a limited time, adventurers have a boosted chance of recruiting them (only with Starbles).

kbp_knightslinger_gayle kbp_knightslinger_hendelkbp_knightslinger_tory   kbp_knightslinger_albert

  • Gayle – Water Tanker
  • Hendel – Fire Archer
  • Tory – Dark Swordsman
  • Albert – Water Tanker

Increased Adventurer Level Cap: Adventure level cap has increased from 120 to 150. Form potentially more powerful teams!

The update also adds stat and skill adjustments for certain warriors, reduced Daily Bingo mission requirements, and UI improvements.


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