Kuroko no Basuke: Street Rivals – Pre-registration Exceeded 500k Milestone


5X Inc. has announced that the pre-registration campaign for its upcoming Kuroko no Basuke: Street Rivals mobile game has exceeded 500,000 pre-registrations. We are 50% away from the final milestone reward!

Kuroko no Basuke: Street Rivals is a basketball mobile game based on the hit Anime series, Kuroko no Basuke. The game has recently ended it’s close beta test in Japan. I’ve watched some of the gameplay videos from the beta test and found that the game is pretty similar to the Slam Dunk mobile game.

Like most basketball games online, Players will mainly participate in 3v3 matches against together with 2 teammates and 3 opponents. Each character has its own unique skill sets that are similar to those from the original Anime series.

If you have not pre-register for the game, this is a great time for you to help unlock the remaining 2 milestone rewards!

Pre-register Here


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