Langrisser – March 7 Patch Notes!


Here comes new Heroes and they are free!

[New Heroes – Gerold & Layla]
Gerold and Layla are a model pair of Larcussian lovers, supporting and trusting each other deeply. Gerold is the noble, wise, and courageous first knight who taught Dieharte everything he knows about swordsmanship. Meanwhile, Layla is a selfless woman who deeply loves both Gerold and her nation.

Talent — Moonlit Oath: Ignores melee attack priority in battle. After attacking with a ranged attack, heals other friendly units for 10% of Gerold’s Max HP. After attacking with a melee attack, heals self for 10% of damage dealt.

*How to Get Gerold & Layla: After the update, you’ll be able to get Gerold & Layla from either the Epic Eatery event dungeon, or from hero summoning.

[New Event – Epic Eatery]

At the end of this rift… it looks like there’s a mysterious restaurant?! The waiters and maids are working their butts off to serve strange food non-stop… The really amazing thing is, after you taste it, you get to see a great fight!

Event Time: March 7th – March 27th

During the event, defeat enemies in the Secret Realm’s Epic Eatery to earn event points and unlock special event rewards! Don’t miss your chance to obtain the SSR Heroes Gerold & Layla and Matthew’s limited-edition [Wine Connoisseur] skin!

[New Skins]

After the update, Grenier’s limited-edition [Chef de Cuisine] skin and Almeda’s [Magic Maid] skins will be available for purchase in the Skin Store! Also, if you take part in the Epic Eatery event and earn enough event points, you’ll get Matthew’s limited-edition [Wine Connoisseur] skin!


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