Langrisser Mobile – Triple A JRPG Coming to Mobile Platform


If you haven’t heard, ZLONGAME will be releasing the English version of the highly anticipated Tactical RPG, Langrisser Mobile. Based on the Official Facebook Page, the game will launch on the 22nd of this month!

Langrisser (also known as Warsong in the West) is a tactical role-playing game created by Masaya Games back in 1991. The game spanned over 5 different series and was regarded as one of the biggest influencers in the Tactical RPG genre along with the Fire Emblem series.

Langrisser set itself apart from other tactical RPGs in its time with larger-scale battles. Instead of just controlling the heroes, each hero is accompanied by different soldier types which can counter or be countered by another solider type. The second series of Langrisser offered non-linear branching paths and multiple endings while the third series introduced a relationship system similar to dating sims. All of these classic gameplay systems are optimized and included in the mobile version.


Unlike most of the tactical RPG you can find in the mobile market, the gameplay for Langrisser Mobile is far more complex, large-scaled and require more strategic planning.

Combat in Langrisser Mobile is highly influenced by the strengths and weaknesses of the many unit types in the game.

There are 10 different unit types in the game, each with their own advantage or disadvantage over other unit types. Besides the Rock-Paper-Scissors element we see from the 3 Melee types, there are also other restrictions. These restrictions are not difficult to figure out and are mostly logical such as Monks are good against Demons, Archers are good against Flying types while all the Ranged types are weak against Melee types.

Compared to other mobile Tactical RPGs, the average map size in Langrisser Mobile is big, offering large scale battles with more strategic gameplay. Proper usage of the terrain can further affect your gameplay and damage output. For example, there are certain hard to reach places on the battlefield that can only be reached by your Flying units, standing on high grounds or defending behind your castle wall can boost your defense while matching the element of your unit and the terrain can boost its damage.

Planning your party is very important in Langrisser especially in PVP. It is up the Players to decide whether to have a well-balanced team to tackle any difficult situations or build around a few specific unit types to snowball against the enemy.


Langrisser Mobile will feature an over one million-word, super-sized original story about the birth of a new hero in the land of El Sallia. Most of the main story dialogues will have voice-acting and Players can choose to listen to them in English or Japanese.  Similar to Langrisser II, the mobile version offers a number of side stories and optional branching paths for exploration. As Players progress deeper into the game, you’ll be able to learn more about the daily lives and emotional development of the heroes in greater detail.

Besides just collecting heroes from the previous series, the game also offers many of the classic battles from the series entire history. Relieve your childhood memories by participating in over 300 classic levels, including “Escape From the Capital”, “The Revived Alhazard” and more. All the classic battles can be replayed again and again through the special Time Rift feature.


For the loyal fans, you’ll find the game’s music very familiar as it is compiled from the past series. The original composer, Noriyuki Iwadare was in charge in producing the music for the mobile version.

Heroes and Development

Besides the usual levelling up and upgrade of the Hero’s Star rarity, character development in Langrisser is more far more complex than any other Gacha type games out in the market.

There are over 80 heroes in the game that Players can collect. Each hero has its own unique Class Advancement path and the type of soldiers that he or she can command. Players have the option to freely customize your heroes, creating an infinite amount of battle combinations.


Visually, Langrisser looks beautiful in a nostalgic way. In terms of the character design, the game retains most of the classic look while introducing modern sprite movements. For example, in the world map, you can see your character sprites walking with both legs instead of just floating to its destination. There is ripple effects on the sea, different gradients on the mountains and even snow effects in certain areas. The amount of details and attention put into the game will definitely help Players to be more engage and immerse in its world.

Recently, there has been an influx of Tactical RPGs in the mobile market such as Fire Emblem Heroes, Phantom of the Kill and Fantasy War Tactics. However, none of them provide the same amount of comprehensive gameplay and content compared to Langrisser Mobile. The game has a brand-new original story with voice acting, real-time PVP, challenging combat system and tons of unique character customization.

To sum it up, Langrisser Mobile is definitely the first triple-A title you’ll want to get your hands on this 2019. This is ZLONGAME’s first mobile title in the Western market. I’m pretty sure they will do a good job publishing it, paving its way for all their future titles.

If you haven’t pre-register for the game, head on to the Official Website to do so. I strongly believe the game will be releasing very soon!


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