Last Senkan: With Lovely girls


Gamepub has announced the pre-registration event for the Japanese version of Last Senkan: With Lovely girls (最終戦艦 with ラブリーガールズ). The game is slated to launch mid August next month!

The Korean version of the game, 소녀함대 (loosely translated as Girl’s Fleet), was released at the beginning of the year and has been doing decent for the past few months. Now the Japanese version is almost ready with new Japanese voice-overs and localization.

This is basically a turn-based warship battle game with a little dating-sims mechanic in it. Players will need to take care of the needs of your “girls” and build a strong relationship with them to increase their battle capabilities.

Once again, the game is slated to launch some time mid August so hurry now and pre-register to unlock some awesome goodies!


Android Pre-register (Require Yoyaku account)

iOS Pre-register (Require Yoyaku account)




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