Legend of Master Online – Official Launch


GAMEVIL has soft-launched Legend of Master Online, a full-HD 3D online action role-playing game that combines PC-quality graphics and a real-time gaming network with the convenience and portability of a mobile platform.


Ever since the integration between Gamevil and Com2US on the HIVE platform, Gamevil has been hot in its heels in launching new games. Legend of Master Online is the 4th game launched after Kritika, Ocean Tales and Castle Fantasia (there’s a 5th game coming real soon too).

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The Game

Similar to Kritika, Legend of Master is a staged-based Action RPG game where players will have the option to fight through the stages with different difficulties. The game uses the medieval setting where players can choose to defeat demons as characters like the contact-fighting Guardian, spell-binding Sorceress, or distance-shooting Ranger. Each character has 13 distinctive skills which can be upgraded up to 10 times through the game’s unique Talent System. Because of the wide range of skills and skill levels, the same characters can have different combat styles, resulting in thrilling and unpredictable battle outcomes every time.

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In addition to vibrant 3D graphics and dynamic battle sequences, Legend of Master Online has real-time gameplay modes and rankings. The PvP mode allows players to enjoy intense duels to 3-on-3 battles, while the Party Play mode lets 2-3 players join together to defeat colossal monsters and acquire rare items.This is definitely the number one highlight for the game as till date, most mobile game uses AI controlled opponents or party members in their PVP or Co-OP play. However, as the game just launch and there aren’t many players yet, I’ve yet to be able to test if latency affects the results of these battles (so guys hurry play the game and pvp me!).

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Currrently, the game is in it’s soft-launched state where Gamers in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, and Singapore will be the first to download Legend of Master Online.
Legend of Master Online will be available worldwide on iOS later this fall (which is very soon!).

The game has officially launched to the world earlier today. Download the game now and PVP with me!


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