MEGAMAN X DiVE – Global Version to Launch in 2019


Capcom has announced that they will be launching a new MEGAMAN mobile game in 2019. The brand new mobile game will represent the gameplay of《MEGAMAN X Series》game, with the classical elements such as side-scrolling, boss with variety of attributes or transferred into weapons by adsorbing boss.

The story plot of ”MEGAMAN X DiVE” is based on the computer world where the game data of “MEGAMAN X Series” was stored called “Deep Log”. Due to abnormal conditions in the “Deep Log”, the ”Mavericks” spring up and start destroying the computer world and even causing you, the players’ , memory for “MEGAMAN X Series” game. The computer world turns into chaos and needs you to “Repair” urgently. That’s right, we’re waiting for you! Once you step into “Deep Log”, you will be able to manipulate any of the characters from ”MEGAMAN X Command Mission” and “MEGAMAN X Series” game such as X, Zero, Axl and even more!

Join “MEGAMAN X DiVE” Facebook fanpage for any latest news before Aug. 12 at 12:00 (GMT+8); you will get a chance of a lucky draw for the Limited Prize!


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