Million Arthur Event – 16th – 30th June 2014


There are quite a few happening things and very nice art cards this season! However I failed at Gacha again 🙁 10 tickets, 10 fails. Anyway here’s what you can get this season!

Raid Bosses

kongbakpao_MA_faries1_160614 kongbakpao_MA_faries2_160614 kongbakpao_MA_faries3_160614


Collect Tokens

Get this new Poke card… Gosh how I love Bisclavret. That’s a 4040 CP card!





This time round, all 4 of the Gacha cards looks amazingly good and they are all x5 multipliers.

Kongbakpao_MA_gacha4_160614 Kongbakpao_MA_gacha1_160614

Kongbakpao_MA_gacha2_160614 Kongbakpao_MA_gacha3_160614


Fragment Battle Event

Finally another new feature for the game. Okay make it old feature but new incentives.

Explore the Land of Blade for Student – Gareth FragmentsLand of Techno for Student – Nicole Fragments and Land of Sorcery for Trainer – Latisha Fragments. Collect all 9 Fragments respectively and gain the respective Student Healer cards!

Alternatively, you may battle fellow Arthurs to steal their Student Healer fragments too! Select Battle > Fragment Battle to begin the bloodshed!

Note: There are no holofoils for these Student Healer cards. 

kongbakpao_MA_fragment1_160614 kongbakpao_MA_fragment2_160614



Seems like this season is all about healer cards. What are you waiting for! Go throw your money now  oops I mean Gacha now!!!


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