Mobile Game Suites vs Standalone Mobile Games: the Pros and Cons


Combining multiple games into a single app or gaming suite has pros and cons for both players and developers. The advantages for players are obvious; they get access to numerous games from within a single app. This can save time and minimise the space used on their mobile device. However, if a player has one favourite game they like to play on a regular basis, a standalone mobile game might be preferable.

For developers, mobile game suites mean they can offer many titles with just one download, but it does restrict how they can promote or, in some cases, monetise each individual game.

Mobile suites such as 101-in-1 Games by developer Nordcurrent let you get instant access to a selection of games from a single download. If casino-style video gaming is more your thing, you can test your luck on a range of progressive jackpot slots including all the latest titles at one of the many gaming suites. For example, at Sloty Casino new slot games can be found alongside a range of classic video slot games, free slots, video poker and live casino games.

In contrast, standalone games such as 2018’s Alto’s Adventure offer just one game for you to get your teeth stuck into. This popular title may not have gained such a big following had it been packaged amongst a suite of other games. For many traditional game players, standalone app games such as this are preferable, while video slots and casino players are more drawn to gaming suites where they can move from game to game and section to section much easier. What’s more, with standalone games, your device only downloads what it needs without taking up extra space with unwanted games.

It is clear there is room for both formats as they cater for different needs in the gaming market. As mobile gaming continues to grow, gaming suites and apps are set to become even more dynamic as they adapt to the ever-changing needs of the consumer. In the future, tokenisation could allow players to switch purchased credit across games from different developers, making transactions smoother.

Not long ago, the ultimate goal of developers was to provide a console or desktop-style experience on a mobile device. And it could be argued that moment is already here with new cross-platform titles already available such as the highly popular Fortnite. However, getting games to a big audience on mobile devices remains a challenge in a saturated market. For developers of standalone games, the idea of bunching games into a suite is not appealing as it is hard to promote several games at once. And titles that might gain traction as single app games might not get picked up as part of a multiple game package.

However, for games designers looking to replicate arcade or casino environments, or to promote a range of titles that are linked in some way, the gaming suite may offer a better solution. Many players are looking for an experience that replicates that found in a real life arcade or gaming hall. By offering a range of games in one place, providers can keep customers engaged within a single app, in a similar way to a land-based casino. From a marketing point of view, they can promote the suite as a whole rather than having to market every individual game.


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