Monster Super League – Official Launch


4:33 has announced the official launch for their latest mobile game, Monster Super League. The game is now available on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes, so download now and join me in this cutesy game!

As I had mentioned before, each Korean publisher has it’s own unique Monster Breeding game that represents itself in the global market such as Gamevil’s Dragon Blaze, Com2uS’s Summoners War and Netmarble’s Seven Kngihts. I believe Monster Super League will be 4:33’s represented game in the global market.

Monster Super League is a Monster Breeding type game with over 550 different times of Astromon for Players to collect. There’s even a Pokemon Go type mechanic where you can catch the Astromons using your Astrogun (no swiping involved though).


The breeding mechanic is slightly different from most monster breeding mobile games. There is the usual Ascension mode where you’ll be able to upgrade your Astromon’s rarity all the way to 6*, while the Evolution mode is similar to Pokemon’s where your Astromon will evolve and take on a stronger form of itself.


Apparently, there’s also a live coop raid system where you can chat with your friends live and take down bosses together.




Android Link
iOS Link


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