NetEase Connect 2021 – Annual Product Launch Event


Earlier today, NetEase has announced a slew of upcoming titles and new updates in its annual product launch event; NetEase Connect 2021. Here are some of the important keynotes from the event.

Infinite Lagrange

Infinite Lagrange is a sci-fi space theme mobile game where Players can form factions to take on other factions. Players will begin the game with a small city with two frigate. As you explore and expand your base, you’ll be able to build better space ships and take on larger enemies in this intergalactic warfare.

Infinite Lagrange is currently soft launched in the EU region and will be available soon for the NA region.

Onmyoji The World

Onmyoji is definitely the game that made NetEase a global brand. Now we have another spin off based on the Onmyoji IP called Onmyoji The World. For now, the only information I got is that this will be a MMORPG. More information will be available in the near future but for now, enjoy the trailer!

Frostpunk: Rise of City

Frostpunk: Rise of City is a mobile version of the famous PC game, Frostpunk. This will also be a city-building survival game where Players have to make difficult decisions to save mankind. Players must quickly expand your city to hold more survivals and protect them from natural disasters, hunger and shelter.


Vikingard is casual simulation game set in Scandinavia, the age of Vikings. There will be city building, lots of pillaging, farming and even weddings in the game. Currently, I do not have the exact gameplay information however, there will be a soft launch test happening in June, so stay tuned!

Lost Light

Lost Light is a survival shooting game. The game aims to give Players the most realistic war experience on a mobile device! Firearms in the game are have real life prototypes including the modifiable parts.

Character designs are a little futuristic as the game’s timeline happens in the near future. The characters look like a real life person with detailed body parts, textures on the armor and even the worn out marks. The game also lets you experience the emotions of the players during the war. After knocking down an enemy, you can choose to kill them off or “revive” them to form an alliance permanently or temporarily.

Currently, the game is soft launched in Australia and New Zealand on Google Play. The game will open up to more territories in the near future.

Racing Master

A racing game where Players can customize your ride and defeat your rivals in competition. Cars in the game are based on real life brands such as Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini.

Identity V

Identity V will begin its collaboration with Death Note next week and there’s a pre-registration event going on right now. I haven’t played the game for quite some time but Kira is definitely tempting me to download the game again.



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