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I believe there are many of you like me, who likes to press that 5 minutes snooze button whenever the alarm rings in the morning. Well, here’s a Kickstarter project that might help you overcome this problem.

Introducing the first ever multiplayer alarm clock RPG game, Win or Snooze. Get up on time to defeat monsters and win points. You snooze, you lose! Fight your snooze habit by playing a game with your friends. Waking up by an alarm clock sux. And you know that abusing the snooze button is just another form of procrastination, sooner or later you’ll have to get up. Studies are showing that snoozing will actually make you more tired and groggy.


Win or Snooze is a mobile app that is transforming waking up into a fun ritual by turning it into a game. Using various game mechanics and peer pressure, Win or Snooze motivates you to stop hitting that snooze button every morning. While you’re getting better at waking up on time, your in-game character gets tougher and collects experience points, cool items and magic spells that enable you to mess with your friends’ alarm clock settings. You can send them a morning message or prank them by changing their ringtone or triggering their alarm a few minutes earlier.

Win or Snooze is being developed by a small team of independent developers, based in Slovenia, Europe. The team is raising funds on Kickstarter in order to cover the app development costs and start a company. Backers of the campaign will be able to get early access to the app three months before the scheduled official release. The app is planned to hit app stores in February 2016 and will be made available free of charge and without ads.



  • First ever multiplayer alarm clock game
  • Utilizes game mechanics (points, badges, RPG elements) to help users get rid of their snooze habit
  • Users are able to mess with each other’s alarm clock settings (changing volume or ringtone melody, triggering alarm few minutes earlier …)
  • Small team of independent developers is raising $40,000 for development costs on Kickstarter
  • If funded, the app will support iOS and Android and will be released free of charge and without ads


Note: I’m posting this because I find the app interesting and it might be helpful in your daily waking up routine. I am not affiliated or have anything to do with this project, thus please do your necessary checks before backing this project. Please do support the team if you find the app useful for you. 

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