Nexon Begins Pre-registration Campaign for Upcoming Mobile Game: Argent Twilight: Secret of the Dark Orbs


Nexon announced that the brand-new mobile game Argent Twilight: Secret of the Dark Orbs (Argent Twilight), developed by Nexon Korea, will begin a pre-registration event ahead its limited release in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Argent Twilight is a turn-based strategy, character-collecting RPG. Players have a roster of more than 300 heroes with unique skills, attributes, and movement abilities to use to defeat foes and other players alike.

With a unique, 3D anime-style aesthetic, Argent Twilight is reminiscent of a playable, charming, action-packed animated television show. Alongside the main story in which players will unravel the secrets of the Dark Orbs, there are hidden side stories and supporting conversations.

Players can also participate in the Resolute Battlefield, a PvP mode where they will engage in tactical combat: Conquests, intense boss battles which award high-grade gear, and more.

Back in July, Nexon started the service of Argent Twilight in Canada and Malaysia. It now plans to expand its target areas to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia within this year, in an effort to target global character-collecting RPG players.

Following the service availability in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia, Nexon will hold a special event for players in those regions. Players who pre-register on the game’s official website will receive 1,000 Rubies, a currency that can be used in-game.

Pre-register Here


  1. Argent Twilight is so exciting. I joined it and I really love the gameplay. I can immerse myself in the game and train my skills. Are your an adventurer? You can join it now.


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