NieR Re[in]carnation – Record: The Cage of Reincarnation Event 1


Here are some information on the first cross over event for NieR Re[in]carnation

Event Period 7/29-9/08
Main rewards 2B Praying Battler 3*
9S Isolated Scanner 3*
A2 Vengeful Attacker 3*
Black Pearl
Insignia of Skill
Insignia of Quality
4* Virtuous Treaty (To be added later)
Prerequisite Clear Main Quest Chapter 2



ATK Up 50% 2B (Any version), A2 (Any version), 9s (Any version)
2P(Mock Machine), Fio(Simulacrum Girl), Akeha(Mechanical Assassin)
Drop Up Tier 1 Weapons from Event Exchange
Drop Up Tier 2 Automata Character Banner weapons


Exchange Priority 

Remember to equip Resonance Weapon and farm on the most difficult stage to maximize your token drops.


Tier 1
  • 4* Virtuous Treaty (Light Greatsword)
Tier 2
  • Premium Summon Ticket
  • XL Character Enhancement
  • XL Weapon Enhancement
  • Black Pearl
  • Insignia of Skill
  • Insignia of Quality
  • Explorer’s Ticket


  • 3* Characters (You want their weapon to increase drop rate)
  • Exchange Weapons (You want to Ascend them to increase drop rate)
Tier 3
  • Enhancement Materials
  • 1-2021-08 Term Mama Medal
  • All the Crystals
  • Everything else


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