NieR Re[in]carnation – Tier List


Will be updating this list for Global!

Do note that this list is based on the default weapon that comes together with the character. When rerolling, aim to get A2 and another SS tier character. Pull all 3 automata characters and get reward boost for the first event.

Note: The English version has more characters unlocked compared to Japan’s launch. On paper, 2P is the strongest attacker based on raw damage. I suggest getting 2P, A2 and 2B as your starter for now

Pro Tip for Extra Gems to reroll

Tap Mama 100 times – Reward 3000 Gems

Step 1 – Complete Chapter 1(tutorial) to unlock Missions
Step 2 – Tap mama 100 times on the field or in her room
Step 3 – Check your Mission Menu for the free 3000 Gems

Tier List


Character Weapon Element Score
A2 (Divergent Attacker) Fire Greatsword SS
2B (Divergent Battler) Dark Sword SS
9S (Divergent Scanner) Light Sword A
2P (Mock Machine) Light Sword SS
Fio (Simulacrum Girl) Light Fist B
Akeha (Mechanical Assassin) Light Greatsword A
Gale (Abstract Hunter) Wind Sword S
Rion (Mechanical Exile) Dark Staff A
Dimos (Abstract Gunman) Dark Gun S
Akeha (Abstract Assassin) Water Greatsword B
Argo (Abstract Traveler) Light Spear A
Fio (Mechanical Girl) Light Fist B
F66x Light Staff B
063y Dark Greatsword B
Fio (Abstract Girl) Water Fist B
Lars (Abstract Soldier) Wind Sword S
Fio (Simulacrum Girl) Light Fist S
Rion (Abstract Exile) Light Staff B
Fio (Summer Girl) Wind Fist A
Rion (Summer Exile) Light Staff S
Akeha (Summer Assassin) Water Spear A+



Definitely the hardest hitting character at launch. A2 is able to dish out large amount of damage. Furthermore, together with her weapon, she is able to do multiple hits and greatly increase the combo meter. However, A2 is a glass cannon as her defense and HP are low. You’ll need to quickly level up your weapons to boost her survivability in battles. Highly recommended to get her as your starter.

Update: 6 months down the road, she’s still ranked as the best Greatsword character in the game.


The most popular character in the game. 2B is a decent damage dealer who is able to stack up large combo points for the team. She’s easy to build as there are many Swords currently in the game. 2B may be weaker in terms of raw damage when compared to A2 or Frenlyse but she shines when her HP falls below 50%. Her character skill will boost her attack by 26% when HP is below 50%. I recommend getting both A2 and 2B to start your game

Update: 6 months down the road, she’s still ranked as one of the best Sword character in the game.


9S has one of the highest HP and Defense value in the game at launch. Although he is unable to do much damage, his attacks are mostly multiple hits which can greatly increase the combo meter. In addition, his weapon has a 10% chance to stun a single enemy. This is a bonus for PVP. You’ll want to get 9S for his reward boost for the first Nier Automata event.


2P has the highest Attack stats in the game at launch. Similar to 2B, she’s a glass cannon who is able to dish out huge numbers while chucking up the combo points. Her character skill will enable her to do additional 60% damage when HP is above 80%. She’s best paired with a healer such as Fio (Simulacrum) or F66x to keep her HP above 80% as her defensive stats (HP/DEF) are quite low.

Fio (Simulacrum Girl)

This version of Fio is a support character that can help increase the Crit Rate and Combo points of the team. Her main skill heals the team for 30% of their HP thus making her valuable in a Boss fight. She’s best paired with the Sword wielders to prevent them from dying fast.

Akeha (Mechanical Assassin)

Stats To be confirmed.

Gale (Abstract Hunter)

The next best damage dealer in the game. In fact, with her high agility, Gale is able to quickly deal tons of damage to the enemy. This is especially useful in PVP as speed is king. Futhermore, Gale is able to boost the attack of your party and also decrease the defense of an enemy. Gale is definitely a good addition to your party especially in Boss fights.

Update: 6 months down the road, she’s still ranked as one of the best Sword character in the game.


This is the 4* version of the game’s starting character. As a unit herself, Rion is pretty average. However, her exclusive weapon (Black Thirst) is what makes her valuable. The skill one for her weapon has 75% chance to blind a single target. This is pretty useful in boss fights and PVP. Furthermore, the second skill is able to boost the Attack power of all allies.


Dimis is especially good in Boss fights and PVP. His character skill enables him to blind a single target with 75% chance. As a Gunner, he can usually move first in PVP and dish out large amount of damage before your opponent’s turn.


Akeha is good for long boss fights with her high HP and Defense stat. Furthermore, she is able to reduce the Attack Power of the enemy and perform self-healing. However, outside of boss fights, she’s not that great as her skill gauge require some time to charge.


Argo is one of those characters that are good but average. Some of the Japanese wiki sites gave him quite high ratings while others put him at the bottom of the list. As a spear user, he is able to help build the combo meter for the team. Since his weapon skill 2 can boost the Agility of all allies, you can probably consider using him for PVP to give your team more attack turns.


Fio is mixture of 9s and Argo. She has high defensive stats and the ability to boost your team’s Agility. You can use her to quickly build up your team’s combo meter and boost the speed of your party’s attack turn.


The 4* version of F66 came along together with the second event of the game. Basically this is a Healer/Support character. If you just started the game and is at the rerolling stage, I do not recommend pulling for him as a starter unit. However, if you’re already late into the game and in need for more sustainability in your party, I guess you can spend 1 to 2×10 summons for him.

Note: He will be useful on the next event


063y is a new character in the game’s third event. Unlike 2B, he does not possess a lot of burst damage. However, his strength is in his Poison ability which is useful against high HP fights.



  1. Hi there, do you have any informations about Lars ? He’s ranked as Tier S yet we don’t have a single information about him. Why is he Tier S ? What’s making him so OP ?


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