One Piece Card Game Extra Booster – Precious Stories EB-01 Card List


We are finally getting our first “special set” for One Piece Card Game. As some of you already know, I sell Pokémon and One Piece TCG products online and on TikTok thus I do have some insights on when new products are coming~

The Precious Stories [EB-01] series will feature an array of popular characters from the entirety of the series and cover various themes. The set will focus on characters who had fewer holographic cards such as Chopper, Brook, Oden and Kyros. This set will build up on prior decks such as Dressrosa, Baroque Works and Impel down.

Release date: 27 Jan 2024


Leader: 3 types
Common: 28 types
Uncommon: 0 types
Rare: 21 types
Super Rare: 8 types
Secret Rare: 1 types
Special Card: 4 types
DON!! Card: 0 types
*Parrellel-art: 15 types

*Bookmark this page for the card list! Leaks will probably happen in late December.


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