One Piece Thousand Storm – New Gameplay Screens


Bandai Namco has release more information for their upcoming One Piece Thousand Storms Mobile game. Read on to find out more!

Bandai has announced 4 new characters from the Dress Rosa Arc. Fujitora, Doflamingo, Bartolomeo and Cavendish.

kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_fujitora kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_doflamingo

kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_bartolomeo kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_cavendish

Combat and movement is mostly automated. Players will need to cast their skills timely in order to turn the tides of the battle in your favour. There are also simple emoticons to communicate with your coop party members.

kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_game4 kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_game5

kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_game6 kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_game7

Scene Cards

Throughout the game, players will be able to collect “Scene Cards”. These are special iconic moments from the Manga and when equipped, will power up your characters abilities.

kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_game8 kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_game9 kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_game10 kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_game11 kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_game12


One Piece Thunder Storm is slated to release in 2016.

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