One Piece Thousand Storm – Sneaky Launch


Bandai Namco has once again sneakily launch their latest mobile game and this time, it’s One Piece Thousand Storm (ONE PIECE サウザンドストーム). If you’re a One Piece fan, you definitely have to try this!

One Piece Thousand Storm is a simple Role-Playing Game based on the famous Manga, One Piece. Instead of the usual side-scroller view, the game adopts the bottom to top “Endless Runner” view approach. The combat and movements are mostly automated and your role is only to direct your characters for any tactical play or to cast their skills. 

kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_game1 kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_game2

Apparently, you’ll be Gacha-ing for skills in this game so don’t be alarm if you can’t find any character banner. There is also a town system similar to White Cat Project where players can come together and socialise. More information on the game will come once I’ve played more so hurry and go download the game first!

kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_game3 kbp_onepiecethousandStorm_game4

Bandai Namco




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