One Piece Treasure Cruise (E) Event 3 – Versus Kuro


New event for One Piece is up! For the next 2 weeks, players will be able to challenge Kuro and stand a chance to add him into your slasher team.

Event One – Kuro’s Master Plan



This weeks event we have Captain Kuro in da house! Kuro is a good addition to the current slasher line up with decent HP and attack when evolved. This also marks the beginning of a 4th difficulty level for all future events (Expert). Unless you have a pretty decent mix of DEX main and sub QCK team, it’ll be better off just farming the Elite mode for Kuro (cost efficiency and more farm-able items).

Event Two – Limited time Gacha


For the next 24 hours only, get 2x the chance of summoning Luffy’s crew members. Version 2 of his crew are added to the Premium Gacha pool so this is a good time to get Zoro and Sanji.





  1. Kuro is a good QCK I have him in my QCK team with Ace as captain.

    It’s good thing to see English version of One Piece Treasure Cruise, I’m playing Japanese version.

    If I would be a new player I would choose without hesitation the Japanese version, more characters, more events… it’s logical Eng version was released several months later. Players will need to be very patient before to face bosses like Black Beard or Doflamingo.


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