ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest – Dominator Of The Universe, Boros, Here For A Limited Time


It’s been only 2 days since then release of ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest and it has already reached the top of the download charts in the SEA region. More than 3 million players have joined the game and build their own teams for the combat.

The good news is, the man, who had a fierce face-to-face battle against Saitama Sensei, Boros, is here! We believe his moves have left you guys an incredible impression – such as the powerful waves of kick , and the last Roaring Cannon that could collapse stars. Now we are officially introducing this dominator of the universe. From July 1 – July 10, he is here in the Limited Recruitment pool. Dear fans, please don’t miss this chance!


Boros-CV: Toshiyuki Morikawa
Faction: Monster
Type: Esper
Role: Single-target Attacker. Strongest Burst.

Leader of Dark Matter Thieves, who followed the instructions of the Prophet and came to Earth to search for rival.

Skill 1: Crushing Hook (Basic attack)

Deals damage to a single target and enters [Berserk] state (increasing damage).

Next Effect: Damage will be increased.

Skill 2: King Flurry (Ultimate)

Attacks a single target with 3 consecutive strikes. Esper ally will increase the skill damage.

Next Effect: Damage will be increased.

Skill 3: Restraining Armor (Passive)

Boros will get healed when an ally is getting healed. Takes effect up to 6 times every round. Permanently increases HP. The passive effect will be enhanced after Limit Break reaching 5 stars.

Next Effect: HP will be increased.


Mankind’s Nemesis: Activates while having Vaccine Man and Deep Sea King. Increases ATK by 10%.

Dark Matter Thieves: Activates while having Groribas, Geryuganshoop, Melzargard and Dark Matter Thief. Increases HP by 10%.

Self-Heal: Activates while having Zombieman and Melzargard. Increases HP by 10%.

Armored Core: Activates while having Hammerhead and Armored Gorilla. Increases HP by 10%.

Most importantly, for this week, you can exchange your Diamonds into Limited Vouchers, which can be use in Limited Recruitment. It will only be available for this week so don’t miss this one and only chance!

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