One Punch Man: World – Pre-registration Available for Southeast Asia


The highly anticipated multiplayer action game, “One Punch Man: World,” is now available for pre-registration! Developed by Perfect World and authorized by the One Punch Man production committee, this AAA game offers a thrilling experience.

“One Punch Man: World”, a top-tier multiplayer action game, offers players a thrilling gaming experience on par with PC ACT games. With a strong focus on offense and defense, players can seamlessly execute counterattacks after evading or blocking, and gain an advantage by exploiting enemy vulnerabilities.

By unleashing different skill combinations, players can chain together fluid combos and unleash powerful bursts of attacks. During battles, players can unleash their hero’s ultimate skill, delivering a devastating blow to their foes accompanied by dazzling skill animations. The challenging boss levels test players’ skills and strategies as they face new attack patterns and skills.

Pre-register today to receive exciting rewards such as Saitama – Job Hunting, Disclosure Privilege x10, Energy x600, and World Silver x600.

Pre-register Here



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