Otter Ocean: Collect Otters and Save The Seas Right From The Palm of Your Hand


The cuteness overload that is Otter Ocean launches for both iOS and Android next month. Finifugu’s freemium title lets players collect adorable otters whilst “cleaning up” the seas from human junk and beautifying the beach at the same time.

Otter Ocean tasks players with sending their cute otters to check out various dive spots scattered across its map, with each dive lasting for a certain period of time. After the dive is done, the otter comes up with treasure for the player, with discoveries ranging from clamshells (the in-game currency) to lounge chairs and umbrellas for the beach. These treasures are logged into the player’s collectibles record, and can be placed around the map to prettify the place.

Occasionally, an otter will discover a new otter in its dive,  which will lead to more dive spots being unlocked and new opportunities for expoloration.

With its idle nature, Otter Ocean lets you easily leave your otters on a dive for a bit and come back with new surprises each time. You can catch this relaxing and totally non-demanding game from March 10th on iOS and Android to give it a go!


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