Path to Nowhere – Global Release Now Live


ASINO Games has announced the global launch for Path to Nowhere. Players who are interested in the game can now download it from your local App or Play Store.

Path to Nowhere is a hero-collection, tower defense RPG. You’re in for a treat as most of the characters in the game are waifus.

The gameplay is mostly similar to any other hero-collection, tower defense RPG with a little twist. Firstly, you can only deploy your characters during the preparation phase. Once the battle begin, you will not be able to change any characters on the field.

Next, you have a set number of times where you can move your characters around the battlefield during the combat phase. Since you are not allowed to deploy new units when your character dies, it is better to push them back and fight more defensively.

Like many Chinese developed mobile games, the resources needed to upgrade your characters can be a little high while the supply for the resources are either limited or gated. Luckily, almost every character in the game is useful in his/her own way regardless of the rarity. You can complete most of the game with only A or B ranked characters as long as they are fully upgraded.

Path to Nowhere is now available on your local App or Play Store. Download the game today and receive rewards for you to perform up to 2×10 gacha on the Newbie banner where you’ll guaranteed to receive 2 S-Ranked characters.



Android Link
iOS Link


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