Path to Nowhere – Tier List


Here is a tier list based on the Chinese server.

The objective of this tier list is to help you decide which character to spend your resources for upgrading. The rating is based on individual strength. Remember to form your party based on the overall team composition and not only the character’s rarity.


Role Description
Frontline attacker that only blocks 1 enemy
Reticle Long Range attacker
Assasin, able to jump on enemy and do burst damage
Arcane Mage
Endura Tank
Catalyst Healer or Support


Character Rating Role Details
NOX SS Fury – Best character in the game with high AOE damage.
– Get her free after 7 days New Chief Assessment quest.
Zoya S Fury – Strong AOE control and damage
– Long cooldown if not fully maxed, not able to use skill more than once.
Che S Fury – F2P friendly and deals decent damage
– Core Break
– Male character…
Dolly S Fury – F2P friendly and deals decent AOE damage
– A little squishy at early game
Wendy S Fury
Pacassi A Fury
Horo A Fury
Hella B Fury – Decent starter
Ninety-Nine B Fury – Bad when not upgraded
– Melts enemies when fully upgraded
Pepper C Fury
Langley SS Reticle – AOE ultimate
– Strong ST damage
– Core breaker
EMP S Reticle – F2P friendly with core break
– Great early game
– Damage drops in mid to late game
Pricilla S Reticle
Flora S Reticle
Roulecca S Reticle – Great damage dealer when fully upgraded
Summer A Reticle – Great damage dealer when fully upgraded
– For the Whales
Wolverine A Reticle
Bai Yi S Umbra – Core Breaker (up to 6)
Labyrinth S Umbra – F2P friendly with decent damage
– Core breaker
Crache A Umbra – Difficult to master and control
– Require a lot of resources to upgrade
– When mastered, rating can be increased to SS
Tetra A Umbra
Iron B Umbra
Sumire B Umbra
Gekjabijin C Umbra
Eirene SS Arcane – Best magic damage dealer
– Must train if you pull her
Hecate S Arcane – First Waifu
– Core Breaker
Kelvin S Arcane
Oliver S Arcane
Astrologer A Arcane
Luvia Ray A Arcane – pew pew pew pew pew pew
Victoria A Arcane
Joan A Arcane
Ignis A Arcane
Demon S Endura – Best Tank
– Shields the team
Demoli S Endura – F2P friendly tank
– Self Heal
Kawakawa S Endura
Countess Chelsea S Endura
K.K. A Endura
Peggy B Endura
Cinnabar B Endura
Hamel SS Catalyst – Best Healer
Ariel S Catalyst – Burst healing
– Next best healer
Macchiato A Catalyst – F2P friendly healer
– Use her if you do not have Hamel or Ariel
Anne A Catalyst
Chameleon B Catalyst
Mr. Fox B Catalyst
Lisa C Catalyst

*To be continued…

Recommended Reroll Character

  • To reroll, you have to create multiple email accounts.
  • Complete Quest 1-4 (including the side quest) to unlock enough 37 summon tickets.
  • Perform your first 20 pulls on the Beginner Banner
Beginner Banner Tier
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Bai Yi Eirene
  • You can pull Summer and Zoya at their respective banner, thus do not aim for them.
  • As for the remaining summon tickets, personally, I would recommend the normal banner as you have a small chance of getting NOX early.



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