Phantom of the Kill – Android Soft Launch


The APK for Phantom of the Kill is finally released on the Play Store. Similar to the iOS version, the game is currently soft launched and only available in certain countries. However, just download the apk with the links below!

It really bothers me that Publisher don’t know the difference between soft launch and Close Beta… Anyway with the latest ingame Notice, I believe the current game built is the soft launch version as players who bind their account with Facebook, will get to keep your account until official launch.

Phantom of the Kill is a SRPG with tons of Waifus for players to collect. The game requires quite a bit of strategical thinking and placement in order to defeat difficult bosses.

kbp_phantomofthekill_game1 kbp_phantomofthekill_game2

They did change the loading screen at the beginning of the game, making it a chore to reroll. Although parts of the game will take quite some time to load, the current build is more or less stable.

Enjoy and see you ingame!

APK Download Link 


    • quick reroll guide the mini battle gather the 6 lazuli
      2.after the first dialogue a girl will ask for your name. go to the app file( and copy the tutorial.dat to another folder
      3.go do your rolls, first one is always a silver 3 star (capable of going 5star) ,then you take from mailbox the 6lazuli and do your second pull (if its gold from the start you can get 4star+ if its blue dont close yet cause you can get a 4star silver that gets to 5 and future 6star??)
      4.if you didnt like your pulls ,go delete auth.dat and replace the tutorial.dat
      5.when you start the game it starts at the tutorial fight but with maxed download bar and 6 lazuli and asks for your name instead of going through the first chat.

      6.aim for a melee 5star unit that can go to future 6star ,or a 4star silver that can go to future 6star, dont go for archer/healer/mage you want a unit that can clear a whole map by himself with counters(mage can do that but loses health..)

    • Anyway guys/gals it is possible to roll a 5*, just got one.
      Once u see a purple gem at the start of the gacha, it is a guaranteed 5*.
      Soo keep rolling and may RNGesus be with you if u are looking for one

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