Phantomgate – Official Launch


After a year since it was first soft launched, Netmarble is finally ready to release Phantomgate globally! Players can now download the game from your local App or Play Store.

Phantomgate is a side-scroller, turn-based RPG. Players will take on the role of a Guardian, to guide our MC, Astrid in fulfilling her destiny as the last Valkyrie. It seems that there are minimal changes to the game since I’ve last played it last year.

The game is a mix of Platform Exploration with turn-based combat. Unlike the usual Korean games where you just select the stage and head right into combat, there are some platform puzzles and exploration that require Players to explore, fight monsters, collect keys and unlock different gates to reach the final boss.

The game’s combat can be quite interesting and unique. Unlike most turn-based games where you just tap on the skill icons to activate your character’s attack, in Phantomgate, there will be random buffs (and debuffs) that appear on the screen which you must quickly drag it to your party (or enemy) to use them. Some of these buffs can be crucial to your party’s success especially when you get later into the game.

As for the game’s graphics, it uses the polygonal art which is not commonly seen in mobile games. Back then, many people use to say that it resembles Child of Light. If memory serves me well, I remember playing the game for quite some time thus I believe it’s really good enough for you guys to try it out!



Android Link
iOS Link

BlueStacks Link


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