Pixel Gear – 3D Pixel Shooter for PSVR


Oasis Games has announced their second title for the PlayStation VR, Pixel Gear. If you like games with voxel graphics, you should definitely check this out!

Pixel Gear is a colorful and fast-paced 3D pixel shooter with a variety of comical monsters, zombies and ghosts as enemies to defeat. It includes six levels chock full with a variety of interactive objects that exhibit entertaining reactions when hit, and a host of cool degradable weapons and power-ups that grant the ability to slow down or even stop time. Precision is key as players combat fun baddies such as witches, skeletons, bats, undead knights and ghouls, while unlocking various weapons and upgrades to prepare themselves for the thrilling boss battles that end each level.

Starting with the default laser pistol with unlimited ammo, players can earn coins to unlock additional weapons, power-ups and ammo by shooting ghosts to make them drop their gold. Unlockable weapons include submachine pistols, the long range sniper rifle and other handy weapons for taking down level bosses. Gear up and blast your way through all of the levels and up the difficulty level to achieve the highest score!


From October 20, 2016 through November 3, 2016, Pixel Gear will have a 10% discount off its base price of $10.99 and a 20% discount for PlayStation Plus members.

You can follow their Facebook Page here.



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