Pokemon Masters – Red and Charizard Joins the Fray


One of the most iconic character from the Pokemon series, Red is finally available for gacha together with his Sync Pair – Charizard.

Red and Charizard is one of the new power house in the game. With high base stats and new amazing passives, you can quickly activate Charizard’s Mega Evolved form. Also, since Red and Charizard is a limited time Sync Pair, the rates getting a 5* Sync Pair on their banner is 10%! However, you have only now until 16 March to pull for them before they are gone.

Also, the game is celebrating its 6 months launch anniversary with some events and new content. First up, login from now until the 16 of March to acquire a free 3* Professor Oak & Mew.

The Battle Villa is also up and running, a new Tower-like game mode where Players can battle your way through the halls of the villa and win yourself some awesome prizes.



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