Pokémon Unite – First Impression


Pokémon Unite is now available on Nintendo Switch and will be made available for Mobile this September. I’ve managed to sneak in a few games on my Switch and here are some of my First Impression for the game.

First of all, Pokémon Unite is definitely not your conventional 5v5 MOBA game thus it is very important for you to finish your Tutorial to understand the game better. The game is played with two lanes, one on top and the other at the bottom. The middle lane can be considered as the “Jungle”.

The objective of the game is to deposit Aeos energy (Balls) into one of your opponents’ goal zones to score points for your team. At the end of battle, the team with the most points wins!

Players can collect “balls” by defeating Wild Pokemon or opposing Pokemon (only drops if they are holding some). All Pokemon have 2 active skills that you can constantly spam as long as the cooldown is up. Combat can be pretty fast paced as there are no resources needed to use your skills. As the game has a 10 minutes timer, this keeps the action going throughout the 10 minutes. Players will have to be very alert and responsive to your opponent’s movement.

All Pokemon will start out as it’s first evolution form at level 1. After some grinding and leveling up, your Pokemon will then automatically evolve to its next form at level 5 and 9. However, not all Pokemon can evolve in the game. You guys want to make a guess?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you will have 2 active skills and an Ultimate move. Like most MOBA games, you can choose 1 of the 2 active skills at level 1 to start out your play. This is very important and will impact what you do within the first minutes of play.

As you level up, you will be given the option to level up the current ability or branch out to another movement. For example, once you hit level 5 for Charmander, you can choose to upgrade your skill 1 to Flamethrower or branch it out to Fire Punch. Always remember to choose your skill in response to your enemy team as once you have chosen the skill, you cannot revert back.


Currently at launch, there are 20 different Pokemon that Players can choose to play from. Each of them has their own different roles and unique abilities. I’ve just bought Gengar and still trying to figure how to use him effectively. I hope to come up with guide on how to play the game and hopefully, it’ll be useful for helping you start your journey once the mobile version is here!


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