Project Tokyo Dolls – Rhythmic RPG Out In Japan Stores


Square Enix has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Project Tokyo Dolls (プロジェクト東京ドールズ). If you like playing Rhythmic idol games, the game is now available on both Japan’s App and Play Store for download!

Project Tokyo Dolls is a mixture of few gaming genres added together to make the game somewhat interesting and unique. At its core, it’s a Rhythmic Idol-simulation game. However, since there are RPG elements to it, the game integrates the Rhythmic gameplay into its combat system.

There are 3 different weapon types in the game (that I know off), Sword, Hammer and Rifle. Each weapon has a different Rhythmic response to it.

For Sword, you’ll need to tap the shrinking circle. For Hammer, tap, hold and let go when it reaches the red zone. For Rifle, you’ll need to tap the clockwise hand when it passes the marked zone. I know this sounds a little confusing but check my gameplay video above to see the difference.

Sadly, we did not meet the final milestone reward for it’s pre-registration campaign but you still start the game with 1800 gems which equates to 6 pulls. Also, you’ll be given a free SSR ticket at the start of the game!

Square Enix


Android Link
iOS Link


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