RedStone 2 – Global Launch Plus Giveaway!


Gamers on Apple, Android & Emulators can now play on the Launch English version of the medieval Action RPG Adventure Red Stone 2! The game boasts extensive Emulator Support and Anti-Hack Protection, perfect for social gamers to coordinate Real-Time Party Raids in a safe playing environment!

Red Stone 2 is a medieval fantasy Action RPG with an immersive storyline fully voiced in Japanese. Enter the World of Prandel, Recruit Legendary Companions, Craft Rare Gear, Set off on Expeditions, Make Friends & Build your Guild Hall, then defeat your Rivals in the Arena, Tower, Party Raids and Guild Wars!

Red Stone 2 is a simple Point-and-Tap Action RPG. Most of the combat is automated while Players get to choose when to activate your character’s skills by tapping on the skill portrait.

Good news people! Our friends at Ludic Games have given me a giveaway code worth US$50! This code can be used once on all accounts (so if a player creates 3 accounts, he can use this same code on all 3 and receive the US$50 3 times!).

To use the code, simply navigate to Settings > Game Info > Coupon. On iOS? Just use the (Z) button, then tap (+) to contact customer service with the code, and we will deposit the same items on your account!
Coupon Code: 44Z1-TG79-SC2R-MKB3
Expiry: 31 Jul 2018
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Ludic Games


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