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goGame had recently launched their brand new mobile game, Dragon Project for the SEA region. The game is expected to progressively roll-out to the rest of the world very soon thus here is a quick review on why you should play the game.

Before we start talking about the game itself, here are two things that you should know before you start playing the game. Firstly, Dragon Project is a mobile MMO game which means, you will be playing the game with other Players on the same map or Instance in real-time, thus, you are required to constantly stay connected to the servers. Make sure you are playing the game in a wifi environment to prevent your data from overused.

Secondly, Dragon Project does not have an Energy System in placed. You are required to do a little grinding to upgrade your equipment, like how you would in an actual PC MMO. With that said, let’s see what Dragon Project is all about!

Dragon Project is a Monster hunting game played similar to Monster Hunter with, Colopl’s signature one-touch controls. Players are required to farm Monster parts and use them to upgrade your equipment. Unlike Monster Hunter, Dragon Project does have it’s own storyline to tell. However, do not expect much from the story as this is afterall, a mobile game. PS: The storyline from events are actually more interesting.

There are 2 different game modes in the game. The first mode is the open-world map where you’ll be fighting against smaller monsters to complete the game’s quest. Questing in Dragon Project is the fastest way to level your character and obtain those free Gems for Gacha. However, Questing in the game can get a little repetitive as almost 90% of the quest requires you to kill and collect quest items from the monsters and since this is a MMO, there will be Kill Stealing involved (however, you’ll still be able to get loot if you managed to hit the monster at least once). The other 10% of the quests require you to kill boss monsters called Behemoths.

One of the key feature that makes the game interesting is that, occasionally while fighting in the open-world, Behemoths may suddenly appear to “invade” the map. During this time, you and 3 other random players in the same map will be teleported into an Instance to deal with the Behemoth. While fighting Behemoths, remember to try and “break” their body parts so that you will be able to collect additional materials.

The Instance is the second game mode for Dragon Project. This is the place where you will co-op with 3 other Players to battle against the Behemoth. You can enter an Instance through random encounter in the open-world or, open an Instance “room” from your Gacha “Pass”.

Currently, there are 3 ways for Players to acquire your equipment. The first and fastest way to forge good equipment is through the Gacha system. Equipment of Rank A and above requires you to collect a tablet or token from the Behemoth before you are able to forge it’s respective equipment set.

You can only obtain the tablet if you have gotten the “Pass” from the Gacha banner and you must be the one who is opening the Instance room. The best equipment rarity you can obtain from the gacha banner is at SS and currently, there are only 2 such Behemoths in the game.

The second way to acquire your equipment is by collecting materials from open-world Behemoths. I believe you can forge up to S-rank equipment from collecting materials from open world Behemoths. Lastly, you can get good equipment by completing special event quest that happens weekly or bi-weekly.

The next feature that I want to mention (which is often overlooked) is the Magi system. Basically, Magi(s) are gems that when slotted into your equipment, can give you special buffs, skills or additional status ailments to your attacks.

Having the best equipment in the game is not your only goal and may not bring you far. Acquiring a good combination of Magi can help boost your stats and provide more survivability to your character. Also, the skills from the S or SS rank Magi can dish out tons of burst damage to the Behemoth. However, most of these skills have it’s own casting time thus you’ll need to be familiar with the Behemoth’s attack pattern to prevent it from interrupting your cast.

The game has been out in Japan for quite a while now and I remember playing it back then for quite a bit. I’m really glad that goGame managed to bring the game out to the Western market.

Now, let us talk about the Goodies! Yes, THE GOODIES! Our friends at goGame has given me a code to share with you guys. All you have to do is head over to the redemption site, enter the your Hunter ID and the code <GOPLAYDRAGON> and wala~ you’ll be rewarded with 15 Gems, 15 Summon Tickets and 30,000 Gold. Do note that each Player can only redeem the code once and if you had redeemed a code with similar rewards from other sources, this will not work for you as well.  

Happy Hunting!


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  1. Hello, kongbakpao. Your guide is awesome and thanks to it I learned more.

    I have a question, I just gacha a SS red dragon behemoth level 20. Currently I’m just level 14 so I know I’m not strong enough to kill it.

    Question is, if I am joined by high level players to help me kill this SS monster, while my damage contribution is low, I will still get good rewards?

    Or it doesn’t matter how much damage contribution I can still get good rewards? Please let me know thank you

  2. Nice review, this is one of the smoothest and best action game on an mobile game that you can get without an controller. Glad GoGame released this!

  3. Hey man, been a fan since the FFBE days, do you plan on doing more videos or content related to Dragon Project? Seems like an amazing game with great potential.

  4. One quick question!

    For example, if I help other player kills the SS Deus Felnarog, are there any chances that the tablet might drop for me?

  5. hi, may i ask a question?if i am the one who did the summoning is it guaranteed that i’ll get a tablet?i dont get what u mean by PASS by gacha banner. thanks

  6. Hi, I been playing Dragon Project for sometime now, and i noticed that you only get one tablet from SS monster. I want to know can you get more tablet from one SS monster? Also do you need to spawn the same SS monster to get the same tablet?


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