Rose and Camellia – Matriarch Slapping Game


room6 has recently launch the mobile version of Rose and Camellia on the Google Play and Apple App Store. Are you ready to slap your enemies?

Rose and Camellia was originally a casual Flash game. You take on the role of Reiko who was married into the noble Tsubakikoji family. Not long after her marriage, Reiko suffered the loss of her husband Shunsuke. Left alone to endure the haughty torments of the clan, Reiko has finally declared war on the rest of the family.

This is a mini slapping game where Reiko fights other members of the noble Tsubakikoji family. Controls are simple, Swipe your screen accurately to perform a slapping move or avoid your opponent’s hands. You can even perform a “slapping combo” when your opponent is in daze.

If you need casual game to past time or de-stress, Rose and Camellia is definitely a good choice.



Android Link
iOS Link


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