RWBY: Amity Arena – iOS and Official Launch


NHN Entertainment Corp and Rooster Teeth are happy to announce the launch of RWBY: Amity Arena. The game is now officially launch and is available on both the App and Play Store!

Set in the world of Remnant, players build Huntsman and Huntress teams based on their favorite Vytal Festival Tournament contenders. Choose iconic RWBY characters or round out your team with White Fang combatants, Atlas tech, or creatures of Grimm.

After playing the game for a few hours, I feel that the game does have some similarities with Clash Royale but definitely not an exact copy of it. The most obvious difference is that RWBY does not have any spell cards. However, Players can still use “Spells” in the form of the character’s “Active Skill”

The reward system in the game is slightly different. Instead of having to manually open a box every x hours, you are given Keys to open a box immediately after you win a battle. Each Key refreshes every 3 hours thus there are no “extra hours” needed to open a higher rarity box.

Now for the bad. Progress can seem a little slow due to the little amount of gold given in each box reward. If you’re a non paying user, you might face quite a bit of challenge at the early stage of the game. Also, with the official launch, servers are a little cranky right now. I’m winning/losing matches without actually playing the match.

That aside, I feel that RWBY is an “okay” game if you like playing real-time strategy games. Of course, if you’re a fan of the series, you should definitely give the game a go!

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