SAO Code Register – Quick Guide


The long awaited SAO Code Register is finally here (currently on Android first). I’m pretty sure many of you will pick up the game thus here’s a quick run through on the menus and basic game play.


General Menu


1. AP – Action Point / Stamina
2. EXP – Experience
3. Gem – Cash Currency (use for premium Gacha, expansion of inventory and recharge AP)
4. Gold – Ingame Currency (use for upgrading and crafting)
5. Information – News / Notice
6. Mailbox
7. Option
8. Main Menu
9. Character (card) Menu
10. Crafting page
11. Gacha
12. Top-up gems/Expand Inventory/Recharge AP
13. Social Menu

Character Menu


1. Party Screen
2. View your characters
3. Equipment Page
4. Upgrade character level
5. Upgrade character’s skill
6. Sell cards

Crafting Page


1. Crafting Page
2. Enchant/Upgrade Equipment
3. Increase Equipment rarity
4. Material Page
5. Consumable setup
6. Craft Consumables
7. View/Sell Consumables

Gacha Rates


Top-up Menu


1. Top-up Gems
2. Expand Inventory
3. Recharge AP

Social Menu


1. Friend List
2. Search for friends
3. Waiting List
4. Gifts (You can send materials to your friends)
5. Referral Page (external page)

Basic Game Play

Sword Art Online Code Register is a tap battle mobile game similar to Brave Frontier. Players only need to tap their characters to initiate attack. Sliding the character portrait up north will activate its active skill while sliding south will activate it’s buff. Unlike Brave Frontier, SAO allows players to customize their character’s power by introducing crafting into the game. Since the background story of SAO is a MMO, crafting in this game plays a big part in character’s strength.

Character Elements

The game only has 3 different elements. Fire > Earth > Water > Fire

Character Stats

STR – Melee Damage
VIT – Physical Defense
INT – Magic Damage (Character skill BS)
MEN – Magic Defense


There are 2 different types of skills in the game:
1. Character Skills (cannot be upgraded)
2. Weapon Mastery (can be upgraded by feeding weapons to the character)

BS – Character skills is charged when your character gets hit by the enemy. Swipe down to activate the character’s skill. Skills can be buffs, AOE or heals
SS – Weapon Mastery is where you hit a single enemy with a flashy attack. Skill will be charged as you hit the enemy. Swipe up to activate Weapon Skill.

Upgrading Characters

In SAOCR, there are 3 different ways to strengthen your character:

1. Leveling characters through fighting or feeding cards.
2. Equip good weapons.
3. Feed weapon cards to upgrade weapon mastery.



As mentioned earlier, crafting plays an important part in enhancing your character’s strength. Each character has his own weapon type. It is important you find out what your character can carry before crafting. Similar to most MMORPG, crafting in SAOCR gives random stats to the equipment. Players must constantly farm materials and craft to get the best weapons.
Unlike most games where you feed the same card to increase the card skill, SAOCR works differently where players will feed their unwanted weapons to the characters to increase it’s weapon mastery.


There are a total of 4 different grades/rarity the weapons; 「良品」、「上品」、「最上」、「極上」(White > Green > Blue > Red).
You can get the upgrade hammer from the friendship Gacha for the 2 upgrades. The last upgrade (blue>red) requires a hammer which can only be obtained from premium Gacha (yes, it’s forcing you to spend). You can get a hammer with every x number of gacha.

The better the rarity, the more stats it adds per level however, higher rarity weapons has a lower chance of acquiring all 5 bonus attributes.

 Combo System

The combo system for the game can be very complicated especially at later stages where the game gets tougher. There are 2 requirements that will affect the combo to stack or not.
1. The attacker’s element can be the same as the previous attacker.
2. The attacker’s element must be the “stronger” element against the previous attacker (1. Fire 2. Water 3. Earth. 4. Fire) <—- tap in this Order.


Take note: When doing combos, you must take into account of the enemies element in the attacking order as the combo bar is shared between the player and the enemy. Also, the combo’s added damage affects both the Player and Enemy, it is important to take note when to end the combo so that you will not get killed by the enemy. Maximum added damage is 200%.



That’s all I have for you. Please leave your questions in the comments below so that I know what to expand on the guide.


  1. There is a mistake, you said 2 times to swipe down, it should be one swipe UP and other one swipe DOWN.

    Character skills is charged when your character gets hit by the enemy. Swipe down to activate the character’s skill. Skills can be buffs, AOE or heals
    Weapon Mastery is where you hit a single enemy with a flashy attack. Skill will be charged as you hit the enemy. Swipe down to activate Weapon Skill.

  2. So, I got a few questions: That first place where we can input numbers, is that for the referral?

    Next, does anyone know if we can already input our fling gacha codes anywhere?

    Also, I got this weird green frog from friendship gasha, any idea what is its purpose?

    • -If you mean the site where you get redirected too then yes. Here you can fill in a referal’s code.
      -So far i tried everything but nothing works
      -Do you have a screenshot of that?

      • No, I didn’t find this site to input referral code. Where can I find it? Which link I click or anything? I wanted to refer one of you guys.

        Also, where can I change my in game name? I found some people with romaji names, and I never had the chance to input my name. o.o

        I’ll post a screenshot of the frog later, but I believe he might be an evolution material.

          • Thanks, so I go in that option, and in the window that open up, I need to input the code of the person that referred me to the game? I think it might be bugged, tho, because my referral starts with a 0, and the page doesn’t recognizes the 0.

          • The referral screen looks like this
            The first part is where you enter the referral code from someone else. Below that you can find your OWN referral code to give to other people. The person who uses your ref code also gets 5 gems and i think you get 1 per referral. After 10 referrals you get a 4* Silica

          • Great. Thanks Kira. Guess the site is real ugly when you try to translate it. I’ll try to get a referral later on, using bluestacks, and I’ll let you guys know if this worked.

            What about changing the in game name, like we can do in HxH BAS? Any way to do it?

            Gashas are really bad. I see a lot of guys with 5* chars already, and the best I have are 4* Agil and 4* Death Gun (eww). Where are my waifus? =/

          • You can use bluestacks to ref yourself 😉 Just remove local files and cache and you can create a new account. It might take awhile because it will download the additional files every time.

          • Yeah, I did that for Soccer Spirits. With Titanium Backup Pro, I might even be able to skip that downloading thing, going to test this out later today. But the game runs very slowly in bluestacks, so I might try it with genymotion.

            Need to get each and every “free” card I can get, since these ratios are just ridiculous.

  3. Anyone have a ref code they want me to use (if it’s true that I get 5 gems for it :D)? Also can someone elaborate on how to use Bluestacks to farm ref codes? Thanks 🙂

  4. Anyone knows if this game characters can evolve? Seen a couple of same characters at various stars. Also my referral code is 60300 555 if anyone is interested to add 🙂

    • This is weird. I did the pre registration with Bandai Namco ID, but never received the pre registration Kirito Avatar code. =/

  5. Hey author, can you expand on the “Options” menu? There’s a place that seems to be a log out/log in button, but I’m not sure what it means exactly. Thanks!

  6. I play till ALO Chapter 2 Quest 1, part 3.
    But my game keeps crashing.
    Anyone at that point too or past that point already?

    I just anyhow play dunno anything about combo system till I see the kongbakpao’s blog and trying the combo out then my game crashes. Will try without the combo.

    I am using xperia z, old phone also

  7. So basically, my question is in regards to the chain break or whatever. In brave frontier and one piece game (since these games are similar) attacks can increase based upon the timing of the attack, is that what is meant by chain break that I had a bad timing of attack? Or is this timing system not incorporated in the game, if so please let me know how you know when it is the best timing to tap on a hero to initiate attack.

    • It has nth to do with timing. It’s based on elemental counter. Tap the element that counters the previous element to continue the combo.

      Eg. FIRE > Water > Earth (tap in this order) becoz water counters fire, earth counters water

  8. Is there any way to evolve unit to higher rank?
    All I have here is maxed lv 3 star unit..
    Their status is so low , I want stronger unit..

      • I changed my default character to a 1-hander and leveled up the sword skill to lvl 4, but i haven’t gotten the dual blade skill. How long does it take? Or does it only work if i initially chose the 1-hander skill at the very beginning…

  9. is there a way to skip tutorial? hard to reroll account
    btw, if anyone want a reroll/restore without reinstalling
    this require root though
    using Xplore, locate /data/data/com.bandainamcogames.saocr/files/Resources/
    copy Yui_Player_Device_Id.txt & Yui_Player_uuid.txt to any folder of sdcard (you can put it back if you want to restore it)
    delete the 2 files and open sao, new account.

  10. can you tell us how would we transfer our accounts onto another device like a newphone or ipad?
    thank you very much.

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  12. Anyone know how to restore your account if you have your account code and it’s linked to a bandai account? I accidently hit that button in the top right of the screen where it says “link start”

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    • don’t know, have you try restart the game? mine crashed after the tutorial battle, the moment I do the gatcha and have 5-star Asuna. After I restart, the game does go a little further
      Anyway, I have a problem creating my own character (already chose the class, weapon and element), it keeps poping up a log (which I can’t read since I don’t know Japanese, except the “OK” button at the bottom) . Keep clicking it and it still doesn’t allow me to go further

  14. How can you transfer an account from another device if you don’t have a Bandai ID? I have my id code from the other phone, but I didn’t register for an Bandai ID at the time. I had good cards on there

  15. where do I input the referal code thing? I’m playing on Bluestacks and I don’t know Japanese XD. Also, how can switch between SAO and ALO, GGO?

  16. How do u leave a guild? Because I don’t see a button. When I looked at the pics above I realized that was an older version. I’m currently playing on version 1.5.4 (I think)

  17. Does anyone know how to top-up gems at all? I don’t speak japanese and I don’t know what to do to top-up gems with money


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