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4399en has just released their latest Mobile game, Holy Knight. The game is out now on the South East Asia Play and App Store. If you like old-school, Arcade style side-scroller ARPG games, read on to find out more and claim your gift codes!

Published by 4399EN, Holy Knight has already launched in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea and other countries. This side-scrolling game has stood out for its stunning graphics, smooth controls and innovative gameplay.

Specially tailored for Southeast Asian Players, Holy Knight features smooth controls and high-quality graphics.

2 (2)Game Features:

– Flexible combos: Up to 7 active skills at your service. Create your unique combos!
– Friends and foes: Hand for friends, sword for foes! Help friends in team dungeons and guild war. Meanwhile revenge can be taken on your foes in PVP and looting events!
– Boss Feature: Players can transform yourself into Boss Monsters and wield their powers!
– Exciting PVE Dungeons: Embark on the adventure and reconquer the land from evil monsters!
– Real-time PVP Arena: Duel makes a stronger knight. Fight and dominate the Arena!

3 (2) 4 (2)Claim your gift codes

4399en has partnered with kongbakpao to give out some gift codes to you guys! Each key contains the following items:

1. 10 Pink gems x 3 
2. Refine Stone x 5
3. Aptitude Pill x 5
4. Refresh Order x 2
5. Orange Ornament Pack x 1

Note: Keys can only be claim once per account thus no use trying to get more keys!

[keys id=5730]




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