Shining Nikki Launches Globally


Papergames is thrilled to announce that players around the world can now experience the next installment of the captivating Nikki series, Shining Nikki. With over 500,000 pre-registrations on the official Shining Nikki website, the 3D animated dress-up title invites players to discover how beauty works miracles.

The launch of Shining Nikki also brings back the iconic Strawberry Dress from the first generation of the Nikki series. Players will receive the fan-favorite dress when downloading the game for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Each hand-drawn costume in Shining Nikki is brought to life via the game’s complex physics system and real-time dynamics. The game’s thousands of fabric textures are stunningly rendered and presented to players with next-gen lighting and shadow effects. Players can zoom in to see intricate details on the game’s variety of fabrics, including lace, chiffon, embroidery, knitted fabrics, and more.

In Shining Nikki there are no limits to what you can imagine as players collect and dress Nikki up in an astounding 80,000 pieces of clothing. Featuring a wide array of styles such as Lolita, futuristic, royal, and more, players will be able to put on their dream fashion shows. Stylists can also follow designers’ updates and styles through the game’s “Moments” feature. Players will be able to comment, like, and even share posts on social media platforms.



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