Sky Arena 3 – Looking for Sponsors!


The moment you’ve been waiting for guys! Sky Arena is back and with it is another event. This time, Bandai has increased the pvp tickets to 5 which means more battles which means more competition!


I’m not sure if it’s going to be the norm now, but lately, Bandai has been releasing many new cards with each week’s event and it sure is tiring for me as I’ve forgotten most of the characters name and have to search for them again :P. 10 more levels are added to the season 3 Sky arena for a total of 120 levels. This means that players will have to spend more time climbing up to the top to get the  Lucifer card. However, to see things positively, that’s 10 more extra prizes (I do like that undead Kite card at level 90). I’m not sure if this is new but there’s also a ranking event where players will be rewarded according to their final ranking against the world’s players. The top 100 rankers will get the Lucifer card, 25 Gems, 150 Diamonds and 750 Opal.


Event Map


I can’t remember if this is a rehash event but I have this vague memory of the banner before. Anyway, this week’s event is between Shoot and Knuckle. Players will have a chance to win their respective cards and upgrade materials (only from “Hard” difficulty and above).

kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card8 kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card7

kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card6 kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card5

Here’s this week’s Gacha Card:

kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card20 kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card19

kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card18 kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card17

kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card15 kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card14

kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card13 kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card12

kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card11 kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card10

kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card9 kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card4 kongbakpao_hxh_event18_card3


Kongbakpao’s Sky Arena Event

Similar to Sky Arena 2, I’ll be sponsoring $10USD/1000Yen google play or itunes credit. Whatever money generated from advertisements on THIS PAGE only will also be added to the prize pool. I have a Dollar carried over from the previous event.

How to win:
1. Be the first person to complete all 120 levels of the Sky arena and post a Screenshot here or;
2. At the end of the event (2 weeks later), the person with the highest score (with SS) will win the Prize pool.

I’m looking for people who are interested in sponsoring a 2nd prize. If you’re interested in helping to grow the Hunter community, please message me over at Facebook or drop me an email.


Current Prize Pool : $11 USD  11/19/2014


  1. Hi, i cant’ play in the arena.
    Why is that?
    I defeat knuckle, but the tower its inactive for me.
    I don’t understand.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  2. Yay!! With the 5 free gems i get 4* tank Knuckle from the Youpi event

    As for Heavens arena, prety good updates

    Hopefully this time i can get within the first 1000 players

  3. Looks like people are already at floor 100+ looking at the rankings and i must get to floor 90! Hopefully it’s possible without using gems(Please someone calculate this ;))

    • I also have a question regarding abilities and mega evolve’s. If you have a character with 2 abilities and mega evolve it does it keep/gain the 2 abilities or does it reset?

    • You can climb to floor 120 without buy gems but there are few conditions :

      1. Use all your gems that you win in Sky Arena, without this you can’t climb to the top.

      2. Win all your fights against opponents above you in the ranking (almost 1000 pts per win), I know is very hard to not lose during 2 weeks but more you lose and more fights you must win to climb.

      3. When you can’t use gems try to fight at least 20 times per day is really the minimum.

      In a day I’m at floor 99, from now I’ll climb slowly because I win less gem, just one sometimes.

        • Haha thanks to my day off, otherwise it would be impossible because not enough time to climb 99 floors when I’m working lol

          I plan to get Chrolo with 2 abilities, the two from Sky Arena and other one that I can win if I’m on the top 100.

          • I got kite,puuh hard work but now i have adult gon:)yeah kastro,chrolo is a monster with his first ability,i hope i can get another chrolo:)

    • Morau 5*
      Kite 5*
      Illumi 4*
      Gon (support) 4*
      Yunju 4*

      I stun opponents with Illumi and 1 second before stunning end I use Morau special x4.5

      • I’m trying to do the same thing, using a Zeno. It’s working really well, except when he refuses to position himself correctly. lol

      • Thanks:)it was very hard and it take 45-50 gems,luckily i had a little bit gems left:)
        I don’t take always the same team but the most time i used gon 5*,illumi 4*,Wing 4*,Zeno or Kalluto 4* and killua or uvogin4* my strategy is first wings ultimate and then i hope the Villian illumi doesn’t use his ultimate^^then i used kallutos or zeno ultimate with the others ultimate as support(i think then its x5,5 or 6,5)but if the villian illumi use his ultimate i wait a little bit and then i used the ultimate from my illumi^^and then i use kallutos or zeno ultimate with support…but sometimes its difficult because the opponents has the most of the time the same team than my team^^sorry for my english;)

    • wow ok that was fast… lolx
      congrats! let’s see who’ll be the 2nd!

      Btw PM me on Facebook when once the event is over for your prize

      • Thanks:)do we have a higher chance to get the king or gon?i have the king but he is not so good without his abilities..i need him with his abilities;)

      • @Gon : I don’t know if there is higher chance but I must try to get at least one of them. Yeah King without abilities isn’t so good but he remains interesting as support and he’s only 3*, when King will be in 4* it will certainly a beast.

        @Yuri : Finally I got 3* Gon and like you in a day evolved him in 4* and 5* lvl 80. But he isn’t max just lvl 1, Someone knows the best way to increase it faster ?

        • I’d say you should use this week’s increased odds of Fantastic training, and give him as many robots as you can. I’ve even bought a few robots in Biscuit’s store, since they are cheap, and I have too many jewels right now. lol

  4. Guys how can i obtain the third abilities with Ultimate Kurapika? I have to Ultimate evolve another one? However congratulations Gon!!

    • You can do as you say but it’s so much work, Try to get Kurapika 1* or 2* and give it to your Ultimate Kurapika, this way is more easy but it’s a matter of luck it can activate an ability like doing nothing.

    • Thanks guys for the congratulations:)))and congrats kira u can evolve gon now…i hope the next event is about netero and the king and meruem will get his 4* Evolution as kastro said he will be a beast:)

    • Yeah, We can get Pufu 3* and 4* from the event also The Ortho Siblings, Buruvoda and Welfin.

      Ikalgo will be available on Biscuit shop, Premium Gacha Killua and Palm.

      I hope this Killua 5* isn’t a new type but the evolution of lightning Killua 4* who was available there is a few weeks.


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