Slam Dunk – Man’s Dream


After some slight delay, Mobage Hong Kong has finally released slam dunk on both platforms. Read on to find out more.

Shohoku fans, the first legal IP Slam Dunk game is here. Developed by DeNA and Baidu, and with the legal IP rights from the legendary Takehiko Inoue, Slam Dunk is a simple card game where you collect (gacha) different players from the Slam Dunk series to create your dream team. The game’s main selling point are the flashbacks of the nostalgic Anime cutscenes. In the story mode, you’ll play with the exact same teams as what’s shown in the Anime. To be honest, there is nothing much to “play” in the game. It’s like the old school Mafia Wars kinda card game where you can just skip the matches and get the final results from it. However, if you actually “play” the game, you can use some of the character’s skills to turn the tides. But hey! It’s SLAM DUNK!

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There are quite a few events running, one of which gives you a chance to acquire a 6* card of one of the Shohoku members.



The game is out now on Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau stores. Sadly, qooapp doesn’t upload Chinese Game’s APK. I will try to get it if any of you are interested. As for iOS users, just change your region account and you can download the game.

DeNA (Mobage)

Android Link
iOS Link



  1. I’m waiting this game since the first time that you announced it.

    I currently play this game and even if it’s not the game of the year, I like this game very much because I’m huge Slam Dunk fan.

    I have my Shohoku team complete (all 6*) but I plan to get all of them in 6* with blue background, for the moment I just have Hisashi Mitsui and Takenori Akagi 6* blue. I think also to make allstars team.

    I really enjoyed this game, I don’t understand chinese but I had no trouble understanding how to play.


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