SMASH LEGENDS Opens Steam Early Access for Europe and Canada, Begins Global Pre-registration


Line Games has announced the global pre-registration event for their upcoming mobile game, Smash Legends. The game is currently in soft launch for Europe and Canada for both Mobile and Steam platform.

Also, along with today’s Steam Early Access, SMASH LEGENDS has extended its mobile soft launch regions to include Europe and Canada as well. The game now supports mobile-PC cross-play with five language options: English, German, French, Spanish (Latin America), and Italian.

Since its mobile soft launch in March 2, first carried out for five European countries including UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, SMASH LEGENDS has been receiving positive feedback from active player community with its simple, intuitive gameplay featuring fairy-tale inspired world and characters.

Through Steam Early Access and mobile soft launch, SMASH LEGENDS presents a total of eight playable characters (‘Legends’) and six modes, ranging from head-to-head duel, 3 vs 3 capture point to 8-player battle royale.

Meanwhile for other regions like the US and Asia, SMASH LEGENDS has opened a pre-registration page, where players can sign up to be notified for the game’s global launch. LINE Games will reward all pre-registered players with Peter’s skin, and players pre-registering through Google Play will receive Key Doubler as well. SMASH LEGENDS will launch worldwide the first half of this year.


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