Squad Busters – Update #1 Patch Notes


Here’s the first patch after the official launch of Squad Busters. Over the next few days, Players will meet new characters, unlock new map, more events and balance updates!


It’s a party on Ice! Play Ice World Maps and Battle Mods, and bust Ice Spirits to earn new Ice World Characters!

And for all the players who reached Desert World, you’ll be able to play in Ice World for a week and start unlocking the new Characters!

As soon as the Event starts, you’ll find a visiting Ice Spirit in your Plaza. Start busting Ice Spirits in Battles to earn many Reward Chests, including Ice Chests that guarantee Ice World Characters.

Ice World Characters

Ice World Battle Mods

  • Super Ice Spirits: Giant Ice Spirits are jumping around the map
  • Golem Meteors: Sends lots of Gem-covered Golems falling from the sky
  • 1-Coin Chests: All Chests only cost 1 Coin
  • Gem Hot Pot: Pots of Gems, which spill huge amounts of Gems, for the first Squad to grab them


Starting in July, you’ll be able to unlock THE BANDIT through a special Event!

Watch for the Bandit showing up in your Plaza for a chance to unlock her! The Event will be available for players who reached Desert World.


You can now change your Characters’ appearance by equipping a SKIN. A bunch of new Skins will be coming to the Shop in the next few weeks:

  • Tour Guide Mavis
  • Origami Barbarian King
  • Street Magic Wizard
  • Kimono Witch
  • Ninja Goblin


  • Unlock Bandit

Bandit is showing up in the Plaza with a challenge to collect lots of Gems. Impress her with your Gem collecting skills to unlock her for your Squad!

  • Bounty Hunt

Colt is showing up in the Plaza with bounties. Bust Colt’s most wanted Monsters and earn big Coin Rewards!


After a massive launch, Squads find their groove and show their skills. A new round of balancing changes aims to keep action up, improve some underperformers, and make Battles more dynamic and rewarding!

Battle Mods ⚔️

  • Piñata Party: Find Giant Piñatas full of Piñata Sticks when a Piñata Festival Event is active
  • Loot Surge: Find surges of Piñata Sticks when a Piñata Festival event is active
  • Spell Overload: Big Monsters and Bosses have increased chance to drop Spells
  • Gem Overload: Furnace Spell’s Fire Spirits no longer drop extra Gems, to not reward their targets
  • Doppelgangers: Drops from Characters are now limited to 3 Characters worth per transformation
    • This change aims curb gameplay extremes and keep Battles running smoothly
  • Ring Grab: Gem Rings are worth much more Gems, and only drop 1 at a time

Gameplay 🕹️

  • Targeting outlines now help you predict your Squad’s intentions
    • A yellow outline now shows the Squad’s current target, even while moving
    • Targeting rules are unchanged: the Squad prefers targets closest to the center of the Squad circle
  • Maps now spawn many more Monsters as the Battle progresses, including extra Bosses
  • Rare and Epic Chests in Battle have reduced chances to offer Common Characters, to make it easier to make Rare and Epic Fusions later in the Battle
  • Using a Fusion Key now puts the Battle Bag on cooldown for the rest of the Battle
    • This change aims to make stronger trade-offs and more strategic use of the Battle Bag
    • Now, waiting to use a Fusion Key will give the opportunity to use other Keys earlier
  • Comeback chances to get a MEGA from a Chest now improve when more Squads have been busted in a Battle
    • Before, chances would lower the more Squads had been busted, making comeback harder

Characters and Monsters 👾

  • Barbarian has more Health, to help him better show off his swordplay
  • Dynamike has improved damage to keep up with healthier opponents
  • Bea Bees now last longer, and Super Bea Bees stay with her the entire Battle
  • Penny finds much more loot from hidden treasure, ensuring her riches are worthwhile
  • Chest Menace has less Health, making its stash of loot easier to bust open
  • Furnace Spells and Shrink Spells are now more likely to be found in Battle
  • Freeze Spells now have more effective slowdown, even when Turboing
  • Super Bosses from certain Battle Mods now drop more Hammers

Other improvements and fixes 🔎

  • You can now earn Portal Energy just from playing from Battles
  • Single Chest Tickets now cost less Coins, and can be bought in larger stacks
  • Reward Chests now convert maxed out Characters into Portal Energy or XP, instead of being skipped
  • Chests no longer stop respawning in Battle if a Squad is busted while opening that Chest
  • Tombstones no longer block Tanks, Hives, and other Map items from spawning
  • Fixed swapping Spells with Classic Wizard would sometimes accidentally throw a Spell instead
  • Various improvements and fixes for spectating Battles


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